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Faye {6 Months}

15 September 2015

Faye's Sixth Month:

 Weight: 17lbs, 5oz (90th percentile)
Height:  27" (95th percentile)
Size Clothes: 6 month clothes

New and Noteworthy: first 2 teeth cut (bottom middle), first time in a high-chair, first time meeting Daniel (from NZ), and Penny & Gary from Australia; on the "noteworthy" side of're a total carseat pooper! As soon as you're buckled in and we start driving somewhere (usually to the babysitters), you decide it's the perfect time to poop. So funny!

If I could only pick two words for the month, they would be 1) crawling, and 2) fussy! Thankfully I can use as many words as I want and there were so many other noteworthy things this month. But were hell-bent on figuring out how to crawl. You spent most of the month backward crawling, which didn't satisfy you in the least. The object of your desire would get further and further away--making you fussier and fussier. I know it was so much work trying to figure it all out. You overachieved big time by doing plank holds regularly. 

I checked your mouth regularly thinking I could blame your fussiness on teething. I couldn't see any teeth buds for most of the month...but finally you did cut two bottom teeth! They are still just poking through and so we can cherish your gummy smile a little longer.

grandpa babywearing!

We had a whole week together for Convocation. It was such a sweet week of babywearing, long naps together daily, and spending time with friends. You got to meet Uncle Daniel from New Zealand, Penny & Gary from Australia, and many more friends. Our routine was to do our normal bedtime stuff at 7pm. Then once you were asleep, I would put you in the Ergo and go down to watch the 7:30pm evening class. Most nights you slept through it, but on Friday night you kept waking up. The speaker was Mrinalini Mata (the President of SRF) and she went way past the allotted hour of time. Toward the end, she had a pause in her talk and you let out the loudest, longest yawn. I think the whole room was silently amused.

hanging with Aunt Renee at Convo

we even met the Founder of Attachment Parenting International

Uncle Daniel!

(8/26) You signed "milk" to me for the first time. It was after work and we were just laying down to nurse and you looked at your hand and made the sign. Usually you just smile and giggle when I ask you if you want milk and do the baby sign language, so I know you understand...but it was amazing to see you sign for yourself!

first time in a high chair

At Uncle Eddy's graduation

You like trying to suck on my nose (gross, I know) and putting your mouth next to my mouth. It makes you giggle when i pretend to eat you. You're also so grabby now and wanting to scratch and touch anything you can get your hands on. The next thing you know, it will be in your mouth!

We went to Catalina Island over Labor Day weekend. It was such a fun time playing in the pool and enjoying the beautiful ocean views! We all had fun cruising around in the golf cart. Your eyes were as big as saucers.

After enjoying the pool on Catalina Island, and with it being so hot at home, we got a kiddie pool for the backyard. You mainly just try to eat the side of it.

Happy half birthday, my love! There's nothing we cherish more than observing and shaping the person you're becoming. With each new development, you better express your personality and it's so awesome. We love playing with you, snuggling you, consoling you, and more. We cannot wait to see what the next 6 months will bring!

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