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Faye {4 Months}

20 July 2015

Faye's Fourth Month:

 Weight: 14 lb, 15 oz (now in the 90th percentile--girlfriend doesn't miss meals!)
Height:  25.5 in (also 90th percentile!)
Size Clothes: 3 month and 3-6month...some 6-mo stuff

Sleeping: You pretty much eat every 3 hours, day or night. However, we had to do some transitions this month with you spending more time at daycare where you weren't eating the same quantity, which resulted in a LOT of nighttime feedings. Some nights every 2 hours. But you have a really solid bedtime routine now and you turn into a pumpkin by 7pm. You sleep from 7pm-7am, waking up only to eat. Naptime has also gotten more predictable and we expect a 1.5-2 hour nap every afternoon, in addition to some short naps.

Nicknames: Peanut Pumpernickel McGillacuddy

Likes: Reaching, touching, and pulling toys; bath time & splashing; being held & worn

Dislikes: you still don't love tummy time, but are okay in spurts; you sometimes get a little fussy on our car ride home from daycare

first Yankees game

We started cloth diapers when you turned 3 months, 1 day old and we've never looked back. It took a little adjusting on my part, but I actually enjoy it quite a bit. Your little bum hasn't had even a hint of diaper rash, so I think that's a vote of approval.

 You started working hard on putting the pacifier in your mouth by yourself. By 6/26/15 you were able to do it. You have great hand-eye coordination that you continue working on.

We got to hear your first real laugh and it was so, so wonderful. I could see from your expression that you were just as surprised by the noises coming out of you. It's amazing that we didn't know what your laugh sounded like. Fortunately, we captured the moment on video!

While Grandma Gail was visiting, she taught you how to make a buzz sound with your lips. You figured out how to mimic her and now you make that sound regularly.

Grandma Gail visited you for 10 days

You sit up on your own! Over 4th of July we saw your friend Jake working on it with his momma, and we decided to try ourselves. After a couple of days, you were sitting up for 10 seconds unassisted. Then, almost overnight, you figured it out and can go long stretches. The pediatrician was blown away!

sitting up! big girl :)

hanging with Jake over 4th of July weekend

spontaneous hand holding <3

sweet visits with Aunt Renee

getting ready to walk to Starbucks

Faye, you are such a happy, sweet baby. We are lucky! At your 4-month checkup, you held the doctor's hand in both your hands while she listened to your heart. You smiled at her and it melted everyone. I've noticed that when you're in new environments, you like to quietly observe for awhile. You're not as talkative, smiley, or playful as you are at home until you've fully surveyed your new surroundings and all the people present. It's a sweet characteristic and I wonder if this will be your way in the world. It's been a fun month of playing and interacting. You're a little sponge and learning at such a fast rate, you amazed all of us--mom, dad, and grandma.

We had some transitions this month with Grandma Gail watching you during the day for a couple weeks, and then you started up daycare full-time. You've been really adaptable and go with the flow about it all. We love you soooooo much!

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