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Our First Date Night

13 May 2015

Faye is 8 weeks old and Jeff & I were ready to get out for a date night. We're the couple that used to see most movies in the theater and try every new restaurant for dinner. Our new life with a baby is pretty amazing and we are really enjoying the shift in priorities. So far we've been good about allowing each other some independence by taking turns on "baby duty." However, this arrangement doesn't work for date nights, so we needed to find someone reliable and trustworthy to watch our sweet babe. Sadly, we don't have any family in the area so what's the next best thing? UrbanSitter! UrbanSitter is a website that taps into your friends and parenting social circles to help you find sitters personally hired and reviewed by parents from your child's school, after school activities, and your network of friends on Facebook and LinkedIn. How cool is that?

We used UrbanSitter to find a great sitter named Verenice. She's a mom herself and is very well-reviewed from other parents. Using the UrbanSitter website, we were able to view her video introduction and schedule an interview to ask any questions we had. Then we booked her using their online scheduling system.

Verenice with Faye

On our way!

Playing with #handsfreeselfies using the new Anti-Gravity iPhone case

Jeff and I tag-teamed the planning of our date night. I selected the entertainment and he planned dinner. We went to Pantages Theater in Hollywood {a long time favorite of ours!} to see Motown The Musical. But first, Jeff found a great us an awesome dinner spot called Kitchen 24.

Despite ordering Short Rib Sliders, Build Your Own Smac & Cheese, the Kitchen Cobb salad, and the After School Special, we barely made a dent in their huge menu. After much lip smacking deliciousness, we decided that this is our go-to spot before any future Pantages shows.

My inner child ordered "The After School Special" aka Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup

Motown The Musical was great! You cannot go wrong with all the hits from Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross, The Supremes, The Four Tops, and the list goes on. I've never seen such a lively, interactive audience at the theater. People really connected to the iconic music, perfectly performed by the Motown actors. The show is long and it was 9:30pm by the time we had intermission. My boobs were feeling so full of milk and I didn't have time to pump. Plus, I was missing my baby! Verenice was sweet enough to send me some text updates of Faye which helped a ton...but I was still ready to get home to my babe. After a trip to the bathroom during the intermission, I emerged and told Jeff I was ready to go home. He quickly pivoted from surprise to understanding and agreed that we could head home. We loved the first half of the musical and we listened to Motown Sounds on Pandora during the drive home to keep the show alive.

I was so ready to get right home to my baby, knowing that we'd need to nurse {and probably pump} before getting to bed. Thankfully, with UrbanSitter you can skip the trip to the ATM because you can pay the sitter by credit card with a tap. It's like the Uber of babysitting! Walking through the front door to see Faye asleep on Verenice's chest, rocking away in the glider, seriously melted my heart. I was so glad to know she was well taken care of. Hopefully this was the first of many successful date nights in our new life as parents.

Now you can try UrbanSitter too using the code FORFREETRIAL to get a free month. What are you waiting for? Start planning your date night now ;)

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


  1. Urban sitter sounds like a good find. I'm a sitter, not a parent, but when I was in the US I'd use sittercity with good effect. When I return to the US sounds like Urban Sitter will make my life a little easier!

  2. You guys are such a lovely couple! I can just feel your love for each other while looking at the photos. It's so sweet that even though you already have Faye, you still make time to go out and share a romantic moment. Going on an intimate dinner date never really goes old. It's a surefire way to show how much you love and care for a person. In any way, thanks for sharing that wonderful moment! I wish you guys all the best!

    Rosemarie Harrington @ The Willard


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