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Faye {1 Month}

01 May 2015

Better late than never, right?
Here's a photo dump of some of my favorite photos from our first month together.

mornings with Grandma

Have you ever seen so many wrinkles?!??!

Lots of serious and intense looks during the first month. That's what happens when you cannot smile yet!

A rare day of being fully dressed in something adorable

Gas and/or milk drunk smile

We did lots of walking around in our fancy stroller

Lots of babywearing--especially in the morning

Getting vitamin D

Tummy time {which you hate.} This picture also highlights your sharpei skin folds :)

Hiking with friends

Easter Sunday!
All the faces you make when you're milk drunk

Faye's First Month:

 Weight: 8lbs 8oz...eating and growing well :)
Height:  21 inches...maybe more!
Size Clothes: finally filling out the Newborn size clothes

Sleeping: Great sleeper! Usually 3-4 hours stretches at night, although she gave us a couple 5-6 hour stretches. One night I only got up once.  Typically we were up together twice a night. About three times a week I would lay down with you in the afternoon. You would fall asleep on my chest and then I would crash out for about a two hour nap. We are great co-nappers!

Nicknames: Peanut, Faybeline, Pumpkin Butt
Likes: The boob!, sunshine, being walked around the house in the evenings, walks in the stroller or babywearing, pacifers (we discovered this around 3 weeks old)
Dislikes: hiccups (which occur about 5 times per day), being burped, wipes on the face/neck, tummy time

I've become that crazy lady who could smell my newborn all day long and thinks baby breath actually smells delicious. Amidst all the self-healing in the first month, I spent lots of time just staring at my baby. She'd fall asleep on me a lot and then I'd just remain in that turns out this is a good strategy for wondering "how is it 5pm already? What happened to the day?!"

Faye is such a good baby and really easy going. Her timing was good with people coming to visit and she always seemed to be in sync with our schedule (crazy, right?!) We took advantage of her sleeping all the time and went out to dinner and lunch with her in tow.  We were so lucky to have Grandma with us for almost 4 weeks after the birth--taking care of me and loving on Faye. She quarterbacked all the meals and helped keep the house clean. She also provided that really valuable 30-60 minutes in the morning and evening where she held Faye and gave us a break.

All in all, the first month was awesome. I didn't feel sleep deprived and truly felt like I enjoyed each day. Some things we instantly figured out--diaper changing, swaddling, and such..while others, like pumping breast milk, folding/unfolding the stroller, nail trimming, etc we kind of added in one at a time. It's amazing how much we figured out about baby gear and taking care of our sweet Faye in such a short amount of time!

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