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A Mommy Must-Have

06 May 2015

There are a million "newborn survival guides" or "mommy must-haves" out there, so I'll save the rehash and focus on the one universal thing that every mom needs.


Preferably food that is already cooked, delivered hot, and quickly. It also needs to be easy to order because at least one hand is tied up with the baby. Seriously though, finding time to prepare a meal and eat it can be a real struggle. This is where DoorDash becomes a lifesaver.  DoorDash delivers from hundreds of local restaurants in 45 minutes or less.

How it Works: Go to their website to order or download the app {I recommend the app, it's super easy to use.} The app will calculate your location and you set your delivery address. Then a huge list of restaurants will appear for you to choose from. The selection is far and away superior to other services I've used. You can order from sushi restaurants, the amazing local burger joint, and all kinds of places that have never offered delivery before. The best part? No order minimum. There's a $6.99 delivery fee which is totally justified when you're in pajamas, nursing your baby on the couch. You pay with credit card via the app and you can track your order with up-to-the-minute updates so you know exactly where your food is.


Why Its Great:

  • Ordering is really easy, and your first delivery is free.
  • Amazing restaurant selection--from high-end to low-end--and many restaurants that have never, ever delivered.
  • Food arrives quickly! There's no exaggeration when they say it will arrive in under 45 minutes. I had very low expectations because other services I've used in the past took forever!
  • Track your order (I get the text alerts) so your hangry self will actually believe that food is on the way.
  • Pay via the app (they even take Apple Pay) so it's an easy, no-cash transaction when the food arrives.

Now is the fun part. I invite you to try DoorDash for yourself. DoorDash currently serves San Francisco, Silicon Valley, San Jose, Los Angeles, Orange County, Boston, and Chicago.

Also, if you know a new mama, you can order food to be delivered to her door. This is an amazing gift. {I promise the baby already has enough blankets.}

1.) Go to the DoorDash website by clicking here.
2.) Enter promo code EMMYJUNE for a $10 credit toward your first order (plus free delivery.) This code expires May 17, 2015 so don't delay. (Promo code is for new customers only. Once redeemed the $10 will remain in your account until you decide to use it.)
3.) Enjoy a delicious meal, delivered to your home in under 45 minutes.

I was given a credit to DoorDash in exchange for an honest review. I've also used the service multiple times on my own. All opinions are 100% mine.

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