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Crossfit While Pregnant: The Third Trimester

04 March 2015

Power snatch + Overhead Squats at 31 weeks

Working out in the third trimester felt great! My energy level and stamina remained good and I enjoyed continuing to sweat and exercise. The other huge benefit for me in third trimester was


I really didn't experience much swelling during my pregnancy.  However, I flew to Florida at 36 weeks and my ankles, feet, and hands got swollen.  After spending two days guzzling water and elevating my feet, I had enough. I went to the hotel gym with my jump rope in hand.  After assessing the equipment, I decided on a workout with some dumbbell hang power cleans + push presses and Double Unders.  Thirty minutes later, the swelling in my extremities was noticeably improved.  Since that dramatic experience, I've noticed that if I have two rest days in a row, I'll have a little more fluid retention in my hands and feet...nothing that's a big deal...but it's easily remedied once I'm back at the gym.

We worked out at Bahia Crossfit during our Christmas babymoon to Puerto Vallarta (31 weeks pregnant)

Despite feeling great during my third trimester, my changing body required more modifications.  Here's the quick list of the changes I made.

Stopped or Modified:

Pull-ups: at 33 weeks, I started using a band for high-volume pull-ups in a WOD. Apparently gaining 30ish pounds finally caught up with me!

Toes to Bar: at some point (cannot remember exactly), my belly started getting in the way of the full range of motion, and I began kicking straight out as a modification.

Box Jumps: at week 35 I began modifying to step-ups. I will still do box jumps as part of a warm-up,  but it's too physically taxing to do them in the WOD itself.

Burpees: at 32 weeks I stopped going down all the way to the floor and starting just stepping back into a straight arm plank, then jumping up and clapping.

Olympic lifting at 39 weeks (the weight is about 75% of my 1rep max)

More olympic lifting (39 weeks pregnant)

On my due date! 40 weeks pregnant...getting ready to do an Endurance WOD of running, rowing, double unders, and ring rows...trying to coax the baby out of me!

Without a doubt, everyone's journey with pregnancy and fitness is different! Thank you for reading mine and I hope it helps inspire you to keep moving as much as possible while pregnant.  For me, Crossfit has been the greatest gift over the past 40 weeks and I believe it's a big reason that my pregnancy has been so healthy and enjoyable.


  1. I have really enjoyed reading about your journey of crossfit while pregnant. You go girl!!


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