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Crossfit While Pregnant: The Second Trimester

18 February 2015

The second trimester, for me, brought relief from many of my first trimester symptoms...making it the easiest trimester for Crossfit workouts.  It was so nice to tell our family and friends the great news!  Our gym even did a "Gender Reveal WOD" when we found out the sex of the baby.  It was so fun :)

I had some transient symptoms at the beginning of the second trimester--like dizziness and weakness. However I've learned not to assume that some new symptom will only continue and/or get worse as the pregnancy goes on.  In fact, it's been the opposite for me.  Most symptoms are here one day and gone the next, so it's good to continue tuning in with your body rather than adhere to rules or assumptions.

My boob soreness went away in the second trimester, which made burpees and jump rope much more pleasant.  I also had less concerns about my bladder during double under jump roping, oddly enough.

box jumping in the background

Halloween WOD--about 5 months pregnant--doing knees to elbows (instead of situps)

We got my mom to come (she was visiting from MI) and worked her into our costume idea

med ball run

hiking, 7 months pregnant
Movements I continued:
strict pullups (yay strength building despite weight gain)
kipping pullups
all olympic lifting
box jumps
wall balls
Toes to bar

"Ghost" WOD 88 rep PR
Snatch 10lb PR
"DT" 6:30 PR (using same 75# weight as last time completed)

Stopped or Modified:
Hand Stand Pushups--instead I substitute dumbbell strict press
Push-ups (all from knees)
Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups (banded)

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  1. I'm so impressed and inspired! We have a pull-up bar, but I've stayed away from it lately using pregnancy as somewhat of an excuse. Now I know I can probably still use it occasionally. You look great and I'm happy to hear you've been able to carry on doing the exercises you love! It's kind of a relief isn't it?


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