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The Big News

13 October 2014

What could possibly cause these reactions???

Jeff's mom & aunts
my mom & dad

 Well, our parents finally got video-tours of our new house with all our completed renovations.  They especially enjoyed seeing our plans for the final bedroom of the tour, with a sign that read:

Future Nursery, Coming March 2015

We are so excited to be adding a little kiddo to our family.  It makes it even more awesome that two of my good friends are preggo right now too.  One of those hot mamas happens to be my blogger BFF, Lindsay, from Trial by Sapphire.  I've been telling Linds for over a year that we need to have babies at the same time.  And what do you know?!  Without planning it, and despite trying at different times, we are only one week apart.  Meant.To.Be. 

18 week selfie, finally showing a little bump
I'll be 20 weeks (five freakin' months!) tomorrow.  I feel great and am excited to start showing a bit more.  Love this little nugget so much already :)

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