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Crossfit Milestone: Handstand Push-ups

02 August 2013

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Just before my trip to Kansas City, about six weeks ago,
I achieved a major Crossfit milestone...

my first handstand push-up on the wall.

Words cannot describe what a great feeling it was to perform a movement I thought I was months away from accomplishing.  When I arrived at the gym, I was fully expecting to do a modified version of the handstand push-up, which is done with your knees on a box.  It's the way I'd always done them.  However, that day our coach said "everybody is getting on the wall."  We spent about ten minutes going over the technique and practicing.  There is a special setup with resistance bands to get you on the wall before you have the body strength to do them unassisted.  It looks something like this:

img src

On that glorious day, I knocked out eleven in a row on my first attempt,
and proceeded to do many more during the workout.
You know how sometimes your mind tells you that something was a fluke?
Well, that's a little how I was feeling.
Like maybe that first time was just luck, or special effort from the coach that made it happen.
So doing them today made it feel real.
As though, wow, this is something I can actually do now.

With time, I'll decrease the amount of resistance provided by the bands,
until eventually I can do them on my own.

While we're on the topic of Crossfit, let me also state that I'm going to start making some major effort toward accomplishing one of my goals:
doing a strict pull-up, unassisted.

It seems so simple, but alas, after five months of crossfit I still cannot do a pull-up.
So I ordered one of these bad boys....

Maybe I can be motivated enough to practice at home???
Only time will tell.

In other happenings...

  • my husband just got home this morning after two weeks apart {and he started his new job today!!}
  • my sister flies into town tomorrow night
  • Sunday kicks off our annual, week-long meditation retreat
  • I pick up my new company vehicle tomorrow {hello, Nissan Murano}
  • Today marked Day 1 of our gym's 3,000 burpee challenge--I did my first 100 not fun

I hope y'all are enjoying summer.
It's going by way too fast!!!
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