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Grilled Geese and Greasy Ladies

02 July 2013

I went to urgent care on Saturday after my husband was certain I had white spots in the back of my throat {I didn't.}  Apparently, my throat looked great according to the urgent care doc.  The only relief he could offer was a numbing gargle.  At that point, it felt like I was swallowing naturally I enthusiastically agreed to the gargle.  However, upon returning home and trying it, my excitement rapidly waned.  This was mostly due to the fact that it was basically a lidocaine jelly that you mixed with equal parts water.  It did a fantastic job of numbing my lips, tongue, and cheeks, while not making any difference on my throat.  Wtf!

But alas, I took a lot of naps this weekend got lots of TLC from my hubby.  Today I'm feeling 80% better.  My throat is still acting up a little bit, but it's manageable and I was able to work without a problem.

Some other highlights from my KC trip:

1. We had a full-day listening workshop led by a guy that stepped out of 1986.  Nonetheless, the content was pretty excellent and I learned that I'm not as good a listener as I thought.  As it turns out, my biggest barriers to listening are my questioning and my advising. But since this workshop, I've also noticed more than ever that many people are even worse listeners than I am.  So yeah...winning?

2. I actually brought gym clothes and used them.  Big.freakin'.news.people.  I am a woman changing for the better.  I woke up in the 5 o'clock hour twice to work out.  As luck would have it, there were 3 other crossfitters at my sales training, so we found a local crossfit gym and went there for a few workouts.  I was kind of nervous about going to a new location as I still feel like a newbie, but I survived.  {And I was also the last one to finish.  Like, dead last.  Oh well--lots of room for improvement, eh?}


3. Oh, and this happened:

Jeff and I's first "Damn You Auto Correct."  We are pretty proud :)

4. And lastly, {but not at all Kansas City related}, this happened a couple weekends ago:

I met the lovely, wonderful Katie Price in real life!  She was one of my first blog friends--back when I was living in Australia and she was living in Dominica.  Now we both live in Greater Los Angeles and so it only made sense to meet up for some delicious brunch and great conversation.  I cannot wait to do it again {maybe next time with husbands!}

Goodbye Google Reader // Keep Following!

30 June 2013

Hey kiddos!
Since Google Reader is on it's last breath and will be gone tomorrow,
I'd like to invite you to keep following the blog through the following methods:

my Bloglovin'
my RSS feed
my Facebook page
my twitter account

Even if you're only following along for this reason,
I'm vain enough to still want the follow ;)

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