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Fitness Results After 4 Months of Crossfit

21 June 2013

I said one of the reasons I wanted to start blogging again was to document my fitness journey.  What I didn't consider was how vulnerable it would be to post bikini-clad photos of myself at various milestones.  So here's the part where I need to be brave!

If you missed my post about why I started the journey of getting fit, read it first here.

I started Crossfit in February 2013, and I go three times per week.  According to the online booking system, I've been to exactly 56 classes.

So what is Crossfit?

According to the headquarters website, Crossfit is constantly varied, functional movements, performed at relatively high intensity.  Here's my definition:

Crossfit is a crazy, often intense combination of olympic weightlifting and plain-old push-ups, situps, pullups, box jumps, rope climbs, and more in a FUN, group environment.  You'll get great results super-fast, and you'll be sore in muscle groups you didn't even know existed.  But you'll get addicted anyway and geek out about Crossfit things that your friends and family won't understand.

People say "Wow, that's too intense for me."  Yes, there is a high-intensity component to Crossfit, but it's usually only 7-12 minutes of the hour long workout.  Everyone does the same workout on the same day...but with different amounts of weight and varying degrees of scaling, depending on fitness level.

For example, here is the workout we did on Monday:

400m jog
some various stretches & exercises to get loose

A. Back Squats
5-5-5-5-5 (this part takes about 20 minutes, and you're going for your 5 rep max weight.  Mine went 70-80-90-100lbs and I ran out of time to try a fifth set.)

B. 4 Rounds for time
15 back squats (I used 65lbs for this, but the women's Rx weight was 95lbs--this is a perfect example of scaling the workout.)
400m run

My time was 15:55
(every workout is timed or over time you can repeat a workout and see how much you improved.)

My results after 4 months of Crossfit.....
{and cleaning up my diet--so important--but a topic for another time!}

Full disclosure: photos were taken first thing in the, pre-food & water.  So basically, at the time when I will look my skinniest for the entire day ;)

  • I lost 12 lbs (much of this is thanks to a 30-day food challenge we did at our gym)
  • I definitely lost inches off my belly, hips, and thighs
  • Goodbye cellulite from under my butt cheeks
  • I gained muscle and tone

I certainly don't think my body is perfect...and I have many fitness goals that I haven't reached yet {hello, doing a single pull-up unassisted}, but I'm very proud of the progress and I look forward to celebrating new fitness milestones as I go.  I've honestly never blogged about fitness before {probably because I didn't have jack to say about it}, so if y'all have any suggestions of things I should share more about or things I should keep track of, please let me know.

Update: See 8-month results here.

Do you have any health or fitness advice to share?

The Delete Button

18 June 2013

As I dip my toes back into blogging, I want to make sure that I'm setting myself up for success.
I want this to be fun, sustainable, and fulfilling.
I don't want to get caught in a trap of feeling obligated.

With that in mind, I deleted my blog email account from my iphone.
It took a little courage to push the big, red button, but I know it's in alignment with my goals.


During work hours, I want to be focused on work.  And as I see the little red email alert numbers climb throughout the day, my reaction isn't "Yay! Comments!" (like it should be), but rather, "Ugh, more emails I need to respond to."  So in the spirit of fun, I deleted the email account from my phone, and will enjoy reading comments and emails when I get home and can do it leisurely.

Do you have any "blog rules" you follow to keep it fun and prevent it from feeling like a part-time job?

Big News

17 June 2013

So you know how I've been all "life without a computer=sucky blogging, blah, blah, blah."
Yeah, I know, it was annoying.  And I was sick of it too,
so when an unexpected check came in the mail for $1,400 and change, I knew just what to do with it.
{Side note on the check since I'm sure y'all are curious, it was part of a class-action foreclosure settlement with the state of California.  I wasn't really expecting it though, so it kinda felt like free money.}

So our weekend was filled with lots of techie, geek action.  My husband is going to use the new computer for now, since he is more of a "power user" and I'm taking over his macbook (which is still a huge upgrade for me.)  Let me give a little idea of what that action entailed.
Transfer all Jeff's files to brand-new macbook.  Approx 9 hours (left it going overnight.)
Wipe the hard drive and reinstall OSX on Jeff's old macbook.  Approx 2 hours.
Transfer all my data from my old laptop (the "dead" one) to new laptop.  Approx 5 hours.
Customize all my settings on my new laptop and download new software so as not to be in the techie dark ages.  3 hours in...status ongoing.

Here's a sneak peek of the excitement.  If you're keeping track, that's 3 Apple laptops, 1 projector, and a whole lotta cables.  {And a Father's Day card to Jeff from the dogs.  Wife of the year over here.}

In spite of all this computer craziness, we did manage to drive up to Topanga Canyon and take the dogs for a hike.  We had an ulterior motive too, because it's an area that we wonder if we might like to live someday.  Mainly because it's this awesome oasis of green nothingness in the middle of greater LA.  Don't take my word for it, take Google Maps'.

Here's what we determined in our short, exploratory mission:

Feels like middle of nowhere
Relatively close to freeways, ocean, civilization, etc.
Property values are less than other areas we like
Horse country with a hippie vibe
Can get large plots of land (5ish acres)
Tons of great hiking in state parks

Feels like middle of nowhere
Rattlesnakes & coyotes
Crazy mountain roads
Not as green and lush as other areas we like
Traffic could potentially get redonk with the whole "one way in, one way out" setup

hiking in Topanga

We won't be pulling the trigger on a house anytime soon, but it's fun to start the process of getting clear on what we want, what we can afford, and different areas we like.

How was your weekend?
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