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Crossfit Goal: The Pull-Up

16 September 2013

Why are pull-ups so hard?
I mean, yes, you are lifting your entire body weight with just your arms...but still!
I'm getting close to 8-months of Crossfit, and I still cannot do an unassisted pullup.
Eight months.
We do pull ups all the freakin' time at Crossfit, but I always have to use a band to help.
And while I've certainly gained a ton of strength and range of motion, I didn't feel like I was making enough progress on pullups.
So I bought the fancy doorway pull-up bar for our house.

It's pretty much the latest household fashion trend.

I also found a website called:
Pullups for Total Beginners.
Naturally, this sounded like a terrific place to start.

So for the past month or so, I've basically been following his routine.
Okay, not to the letter of the law, but only because I'm also doing Crossfit classes,
and sometimes I just like to do things my way.

I'm getting so, so close to being able to do an unassisted pullup.
Right now, I can do a strict pullup with just an orange band (15 pounds of resistance.)
That means I'm lifting about 120lbs of my own body weight, and just have another 15 to go.
So close!
I think within a couple of weeks, I'll have it, and will be excited to share the good news with y'all.
In the meantime, think good thoughts for me!

What are your fitness goals?

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  1. I remember that the pull up was the one thing I couldn't do on the fitness test in 5th grade. I practiced for weeks trying to figure it out so I could achieve the coveted "presidential award". On the day of the test, I finally did a pretty crappy one, but my teacher still gave me the award I think out of pity. Once I started doing gymnastics in 6th grade, I was able to do them and still can now, but they are no piece of cake, that's for sure! You've got this girl. I think you know that. Just keep on keepin' on. It looks like you're almost there.


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