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Wealth Affirmations

10 July 2013

Big happenings around these parts.
Remember that $1,400 check that materialized in my mailbox and walked itself to the Apple store?
Well, that was just the tip of the wealth iceberg.
But let's start at the beginning, shall we?

Several months ago, Jeff and I got serious about doing wealth affirmations.  So serious, in fact, that I called my sister, had her email me the huge PDF of them she purchased from some website years ago, and got to work.  I found the right combination of affirmations that felt right and could also be easily memorized.  I printed out about ten copies of the affirmation and starting taping them everywhere--to my work computer, to the bathroom mirror, to my desk.

"I actively attract massive and abundant wealth into my life and the lives of others, through every thought, every action, every breath, every minute of every day.  There is always surplus and I am always grateful."

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Jeff and I started repeating this mentally, every time we thought of it, or each time we saw one of the signs.  Sometimes, I was only triggered while staring at the bathroom mirror, brushing my teeth.  But that's okay, twice a day is still powerful.

The idea of affirmations is based on the principle that we are co-creators of this universe.  We are a spark of the Divine, our birthright is Divinity, and the only thing holding us back is our ignorance, our lack of practice, and our lack of concentration.  Books like The Secret are a wonderful introduction to these concepts.

One day, I was mentally repeating this affirmation, when I realized I had forgotten a key component.  I really wanted to expand my consciousness beyond the idea of wealth coming to us through our jobs.  I remembered a key phrase that my sister affirmed only weeks before she received some unexpected funds.

"I actively attract massive and abundant wealth into my life and the lives of others, through every thought, every action, every breath, every minute of every day.  Wealth comes to me from expected and unexpected sources.  There is always surplus and I am always grateful."

One week after I added that line to the affirmation, the $1,400 check arrived in the mail.

Now here we sit, 4 weeks later, and Jeff has accepted a job offer that will essentially double our household income.  Double!  This is pretty freakin' exciting.  Upon hearing the news, I immediately took some time to inwardly give thanks to the Giver, who made it all possible.  We are humbled and grateful that our small, little lives are in the hands of God, who has an amazing plan for each of us.

We continue practicing these techniques, not simply for material riches, but for abundance in health and spiritual wealth.

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I kind of debated whether to share these affirmations on the blog.  Sometimes it's hard to write about deep, philosophical, and spiritual concepts without getting too preachy, but also without over simplifying.

However, I know that many of us struggle with worry.  We worry about money.  We worry about paying bills.  We worry that we won't be able to afford a nice house, or a nice car, or a baby.  And while I completely understand that the worry comes from a place of caring, I believe it's misdirected toward a negative outcome.  The more we think about "not having enough", the more we manifest that reality in our lives.  So these wealth affirmations are a powerful tool for directing those worries toward a positive outcome.  Each time you find yourself dwelling on lack, mentally repeat these wealth affirmations a few times.  Try to imagine what it would feel like to have a surplus, and to effortlessly attract wealth into your life.
Isn't that lovely?  Doesn't it put a smile on your face?

It's powerful.  It's real.  It works.


  1. I love this!! I am going to try it :) I'm very glad you posted!!

  2. A proper mind set can become a huge difference. More power to you. :)



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