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Lake Michigan Family Vacation

23 July 2013

Five days of pure heaven.
Yup, I think that's the most appropriate way to describe my family vacation in MI.
There were so many moments when I was just drinking it in,
thanking Divine Mother for the beautiful planet she created,
thanking her for my wonderful family,
and for the precious time we got to spend together.
Feeling gratitude for the tradition established by my parents 24 years ago,
when they first took my 5-year-old self to this magical vacation spot on northern Lake Michigan.

I knew how special it was to have both my sisters and all their boys on vacation together.
As adults, all living in different states, the complexities of making this happen were not lost on me.
A huge debt of gratitude goes to my mom, who really used her force of will {and her airline frequent flyer miles} to make it happen this year.
It's a thing to be cherished.

I enjoyed the chaos and laughter and endless requests for ping-pong matches.
I cracked up at the hilarity that flows from the mouthes of my nephews.
I relished in the one-on-one time with each sister, and each nephew.
I indulged in the original cookie butter flavor of windmill cookies.
{Seriously, peeps, the first time I tried Trader Joe's cookie butter, I named it "windmill cookies in a jar."}

my drink-drank

me & my mama!

watching the sunset with my handsome man

how cute are my parents?!

The boys seriously loved spending time with their Uncle Jeff.
It was completely adorable.
Jeff wanted to watch the Home Run Derby and the boys were just glued to his side,
excitedly counting how many home runs each of the contenders amassed.
The following day, I overheard Jeff explaining the concept of the All-Star Game to Julius:
"It's all the best players from each team that come together to form the All-Star team."
"What?!?! That is amazing."
Jeff, with the same child-like enthusiasm replied, "I know!  It's the best."

no vacation is complete without some s'mores & bonfire action

Is that a Reese's Peanut Butter cup in that s'more?  Why YES it is!  Delicioso!

sister love

ignore my face and check out my cool Michigan t-shirt

Here's to family,
here's to nostalgia,
here's to making new memories,
here's to tradition.

Hope to see you next year, Lake Michigan!


  1. You are so cute! And those photos of Jeff are awesome! Sounds like you had the best time - makes me want to visit even MORE! ;)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. ahhhhh love all the photos! I need to make a trip over to that side of the state for a sunset this summer. It's so beautiful!

  4. Looks like you ha a great family vacation! Love th reaction of your nephews to the all star game! Baseball is my favorite and love watching it in any form!


  5. I didnt realize you were back to blogging! I have a lot of catching up to do. But first, let's talk about that Reese's smore...yum!


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