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200th Blog Post {Where I Complain About Being Sick}

29 June 2013

Today is my 200th blog post.
Sure, 198 of them were written over a year ago, but I'll consider this an achievement no less.
And perhaps I'll use it as rationale to buy myself a new blog design.
{Okay, confession, I already bought a new blog design about 2 weeks ago.
This stripey madness will be gone soon, my friends.  Soon.  But not soon enough.}

The real confession here is that I'm awake in the 6'oclock hour on a Saturday, blogging.
That is a great question.  God knows I'd prefer to be cuddled up next to my husband, sleeping.
But alas, I was in Kansas City all week for a sales training class.
In addition to returning with time-zone warp, I also returned with a nasty illness.
Thus, I woke up at 6am, unable to swallow without wanting throat-removal surgery.

I suppose I'll never know whether it was the plane ride,
sitting in a room full of people all day,
or yelling at baseball players all night
that caused this terrible affliction.

All I know is that we went to a Royal's game Wednesday night,
and had seats on the Party Porch.  No seriously, that's what it's called.
So of course we might have had a drink or two, {or five.}
I mean, it's seriously a line of barstools in the outfield.  C'mon.

Naturally, with this excellent field position, I took it upon myself to get a reaction out of the center fielder and right fielder for each team.  When it came to B.J. Upton, all it took was a group of us girls chanting "We love B.J's."  Who knew.

The next morning my throat hurt.  "No big deal," I told myself, "you're just not used to yelling like that."  A few hours into the morning, I got the fever chills and the achey muscles.  I suffered through the day drinking hot tea like it was my j-o-b.  By 5:30 when our bus dropped us back at the hotel, I collapsed into a hot bath tub to soak away the chills.  I fell asleep by 8pm and fought the fever all night.  It's one of the few times I was thankful to be in a hotel bed.  There are few things grosser than waking up during the night, completely soaked in sweat.

Friday was a slight improvement over Thursday, and brought the added benefit of being the day I got go home.  I rented "Pride and Prejudice" on the plane after taking an hour-long nap.  Sadly, my friends, they cut off the wifi to prepare for landing when I had exactly 14 minutes remaining on the movie.  I mean, seriously, Southwest, how can you deny a woman the pleasure of seeing Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy finally profess their love for each other, after a whole movie full of denials and misunderstandings.  Not.Cool.

img src
^Clearly the part I didn't get to see.  Aka, the climax of the entire film.

Here's my plan for the day:

Spray throat with medicine
Suck on cough drops
Die of cuteness overload {live video feed of sleeping snow leopard babies--you're welcome}
Drink hot tea
Watch the ending of "Pride and Prejudice"

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hope you feel better soon :( although now you have a valid excuse to watch Pride and Prejudice over and over, not that one is needed.

    Looking forward to this new design ;)

  2. Yikes. Get well, buddy! Also, at least you knew how the movie ended. It was would 100 times worse if it was a film you hadn't seen before!


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