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Moustache Madness

10 August 2012

On the last day of our vacation,
my husband finally decided to shave
the stubble that had been growing for a week or two.

Husband: I think I might shave a moustache.
Me: Yup, go ahead honey.
{mentally: "yeah right, he'd never do that!"}

I guess you can plainly see who called who's bluff.

I cannot take him seriously with that thing.
It's like everything he says must be part of 
some episode of "Reno 911."

It's either cop 'stache or porno 'stache
and the fact that it's so short and stubbly
is almost more ridiculous.

However, I just drudged up a picture that can trump it.
Several years ago, Jeff came back from camping in MI,
and before he completely shaved his beard,
he shaved this gem.

Enjoy this photo while it lasts.
I might be a dead woman by morning.

All Is Right in the World

08 August 2012

Let's recap,
Mazzy ran out and immediately gave me one-hundred kisses on the lips.
Toby had be to put on a leash in order to force him to come out of the house.
Haha!  He's my little, old man and he doesn't like change.
However, about fifteen minutes into our reunion, he was back to normal.
Both pups literally didn't leave my side the entire night.
I broke the rules and let them sleep in bed with me.
It was glorious.

I'm so, so happy to have my family back together.
I missed them like craaaaaazy.

So at this point,
all is right with the world.

Spiritual Sunday

05 August 2012

"Dear Father, whatever conditions confront me, 
I know that they represent the next step in my unfoldment.  
I will welcome all tests because I know that within me 
is the intelligence to understand and the power to overcome."

-Paramahansa Yogananda
"Metaphysical Meditations"
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