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Bad Blogger

25 July 2012


Please don't hate me.
I cannot seem to even think about blogging in California,
much less actually sit down to write a post.
Let's hope this changes, pronto.

However, I could give you some legitimate excuses.
Excuses like job hunting,
{I had a phone screen & have 2 interviews this week--what what!}
helping a friend undo this to her house:

Okay, I'm kidding with the picture.
She'll be mortified anyway if she ever reads this.
But seriously, we did do some major re-arranging and purging.

And my husband has a moustache.
So that's obviously a legit distraction.
Perhaps I shall show some photographic evidence
of that shizz at some point.

For now, 
just don't hate me.
Send me good juju for my interviews,
and I promise to get back on the wagon soon.


23 July 2012

We're HOME!
{we got home Sunday morning!
Slightly jet-lagged but loving
every minute of LA.}

Spiritual Sunday

22 July 2012

"Don't concern yourself with the faults of others.  
Use the scouring powder of wisdom to keep the rooms of your own mind bright and spotless.  
By your example, other persons will be inspired to do their own housekeeping."

-Paramahansa Yogananda
"Sayings of Paramahansa Yogananda"
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