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Dear Friday

13 April 2012

Dear Harbour Bridge, do you really need to close for the entire weekend?  I know there are people doing a triathalon...but what about the rest of us?!

Dear TPG, please fix our internet ASAP!  You have no idea how grumpy our household gets without internet access.  Did you know a blogger and an entrepreneur live at this address?  Now maybe you'll understand our sense of urgency :)

Dear Stephen King, I read your book Eye of the Dragon, on the recommendation of my husband {and on the promise that it wouldn't be scary.}  Well, it wasn't scary.  And the story was even kind of cute.  However, you took 392 pages to tell a story that I could accurately depict in full detail in about 10 sentences.  If that weren't disappointing enough, I found at least 15 typos in the book.  Seriously.  Fifteen.  Surely an author of your caliber can afford better editors than that.

Dear brown boots, I love you so much that it almost makes me okay with the cooler weather.  Almost.

Dear Claire, thanks for the laugh.  I died when I saw your UGG boot flapping like a mouth.  The fact that you let me take some video? Even better.

Dear Bloggers, Happy Friday!!!


The Friend Jackpot

12 April 2012

After two posts about Easter camping, here and here, you thought I'd be done talking about it right?   Wrong!

While the island was certainly beautiful, and the camping setup was pretty p.i.m.p., let's face it, what really makes {or breaks} a vacation is the people.  And in this category?  We hit the jackpot.

For the newer readers, you may need to rewind and check out this post about the work that my husband is doing.  Basically, he is in cahoots with an inventor from Australia to take over the world {and/or launch two awesome products.}  Said inventor is named Jon.  And Jon is the reason we went camping over the Easter holiday. 

Although we thought it would be a nice opportunity to see more of Oz, our main goal of the trip was for hubby & Jon to spend some more time together {outside of work.}  Jon lives in a different state, so he & hubby have only met face-to-face a couple of times.  And despite 'Jon' being a household name around our place, I'd never met him. 

Our badass camp setup was thanks to inventor Jon...and we shared a campsite with him, his wife, and their 3 kids.  There were also about 5 other families with us--all there to celebrate the 40th birthday of Jon's best friend.  We had a blast!  Everyone was so fun and interesting.  There was definitely some drinking and storytelling around the campfire into the wee hours of the morning. 

Total success!

And since pictures always seem to tell the story the best, see for yourself.

The cake for Mik's 40th. Made by one of his daughters.
I'm no wino, but from what I understand,
we were drinking $300/bottle camping wine

And on the topic of awesome people, can I share something that totally made my week?  I got to video skype with my blogger BFF, Lindsay!  I had a weird dream about her while I was camping, and I then creeped her out by saying it was similar to the movie I had to hop on Skype to properly explain {and convince myself that she's not creepy-Linz from my dream.}  Good new folks--she is, in fact, just as awesome on a video call, if not more so, than she is on her blog.  So yeah...I'm blog crushin'.


And, lastly, you might notice a few changes on le blog.  Most noticeably, I added a picture with an 'About Me' blurb to the top of my sidebar.  Many new readers have discovered my blog lately {yay! and hello!}, and several have commented on a post with something to the effect of "Wait?! You're in Australia?!?"  This tells me two things: 1) y'all don't like clicking on About pages, and 2) I need to bombard you with posts about Australia even more frequently.  Okay, just kidding on the last one.  Not sure if that's humanly possible.  So instead I posted the fancy picture & words!

Additionally, I'm going to try a new route with ad swapping and sponsorship starting May 1st.  My goal in making the change is to help those of you who swap with me to get more out of it.  I'll be limiting the number of sponsor slots {which equals greater exposure for each ad} and ads will automatically rotate placement each time the page is viewed.  You can check out my Sponsor page for the complete details.

Happy Thursday, friends!

Easter Camping, Part II

11 April 2012

Hooray for cooperative technology, today!
If you missed 'Part I', start here.

After our 14km trek down the sandy "freeway,"
we arrived at our campsite.

Although we'd only arrived several hours after the rest of our party,
I was pleasantly surprised to find that the entire campsite was already setup.
You see, that's my biggest pet peeve about camping!
I feel like you spend more time packing, setting up, tearing down, and unpacking
than you do actually enjoying the vacation.

Needless to say, the trip was off to a good start.
I had yet to explore the bathroom & shower capabilities,
which we know are crucial to the happiness of female campers.

Upon further inspection,
and since inquiring minds want to know
{side eye Megan}
I inspected and photographed the bathroom facilities.

Does anyone remember the dessert from Outback Steakhouse
called The Chocolate Thunder from Down Under?
Well, I do.
And it was code word when I was growing up for doing your business.
Or when our cat would go down to the basement to use his litter box.
So yeah....I saw Jimmy's Thunder Box...and I died.

We also had a hot water shower!
So Lesson #1: camp with Australians. They have their shit together.
We had solar panels, a generator, a full gas stove,
a fridge & freezer, and a little kitchenette area.
Each family had their own 'dunny' and shower setup.
I was impressed!

And the island?  It didn't disappoint.

Huge lizards called goanas
The wasp (orange) killed the spider and was dragging it back to it's nest to feed the baby wasps.  Crazy!
Shrimp on the Barbie
{okay, not quite, but shrimp heads on the paper doesn't have the same ring.}

So what do you think?
Are you ready to come visit Australia?

Easter Camping

10 April 2012

I planned a glorious post full of awesome edited photos.
However, Google+ foiled that plan by uploading my photos into black squares of nothing.
Nevertheless, we'll recap the camping trip in two parts, with the hope that part two won't let us down.

Before I jump right in, let me explain a few things that Americans forget {or never knew to begin with.}
Australia has the same land mass as the USA.
Australia has five states and two territories.
Let me repeat: same size as USA, with only seven states.

So when I say we went camping in the next state up, it basically means that we had to catch a plane.
Fortunately, we had friends meet us at the airport and take us out for a delicious breakfast.

Zucchini & Sweet Corn Fritter, topped with tomato, avocado, and haloumi cheese
Is it just me or is my husband looking mighty fine?

Then they took us around to see a bit of Brisbane.  Also know as Bris-Vegas or Brisneyland.
Our mini-tour of Bribane was fraught with apologies about how it pales to measure up to Sydney.
Funny. And true.
When 11am rolled around, it was time to hop our ferry to North Stradbroke Island {aka Straddie.}

In just 30 minutes, we arrived to the land of beautiful ocean and blue skies.
So naturally, I had to spend every last second of connectivity emailing bloggers.

Our friends picked us up from the ferry terminal and that's when the adventures began.  There are some roads on the island, but the last 14km to our campsite was on this freeway:

It's legitimately considered a road.  In fact, cops were stopping cars for speeding and doing breathe-tests  on our second day.

I'd love to share more, but it took 20 minutes to upload these 8 photos.
Literally, twenty minutes.
I considered stabbing my eyes out.
But then how would I blog tomorrow?

How was your Easter?

My Mind's Still on Vacation

09 April 2012

Thank you, Australia, for giving us Easter Monday.  Now if only I could hop down to Tasmania in time to enjoy Easter Tuesday.  But alas, tomorrow I must face the realities of the real world.

Therefore, tomorrow you can expect some pictures and words about our camping trip.

Today I'm still too lazy.

And I took advantage of the nice weather & small swell to go for a surf.
It's now 6:50pm and I'm hopping in bed to watch some episodes of Game of Thrones with the hubby.
Ahhhh, holidays.
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