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Thank you, thank you, thank you {you're far too kind}

18 February 2012

First things first, bonus points if you know the song referenced in the title of this point.

Secondly, I'm pretty freakin' excited.  My new blog BFF, Lindsay, made my day {week & month}
by awarding me the Liebster Award.
I, of course, had no idea what that meant...
but was excited because all awards are good awards, right?!?!

Well, thanks to google, I now know that Liebster means "beloved" or "dearest" in German.
Or it could mean "boyfriend."  Now that's getting a little weird.

My translation: Awesome!
{You may as well know that Americans get made fun of on a regular basis
 by our friends abroad for over-use of this word.  Guilty as charged!}

Who's Lindsay, you might ask?  Well, maybe it's time you meet my blog BFF.

Hi there! I'm Lindsay, a San Diego girl in a Houston world.
Welcome to Trial By Sapphire, my collection of pretty things,
ways to go green, getting healthy, and giving thanks.

You can find her HERE.

She already has me considering Crystal in, non chemically,
non Alzheimers, I'm made from minerals, type of thing.

So, the Liebster Award.  Basically, it's an awesome way to recognize up-and-coming blogs.
And the best part is that I get to pass along the love!

And, the Liebster goes to.....

If you're not already friends with these awesome ladies, you must check them out!
They are on my daily reading list and I love each of their blogs.

If you have been awarded the coveted Liebster award, here’s what’s next:
* choose five up and coming blogs with less than 200 followers to award
*show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.  If you not already a follower of their blog, that might be a great way to show appreciation for the award.  ;)
*Post the award on your blog.  Be sure to link back to the 5 blogs you awarded so that others can visit them.


17 February 2012

Dear Weekend, I'm so glad you're finally here.  You've been playing hard to get with me all week.  What's up with that?  All about the chase, are we?  I'll let bygones be bygones now that you're here...because we're going to have some fun together!  Maybe a little Manly Surf Competition?

Dear Steph, I'm so glad you're finally home from your 4-month travel adventure.  I forgot how nice it is to have a friend that's just a 3-floor elevator ride away!  Plus, you're pretty much my social planner.  I have 10 new things on the calendar involving you, and that's just since yesterday.

Dear Husband, it's so fun celebrating our Anniversary and Valentine's Day with you.  We've been gold medal snugglers all week!  You've been so super busy with school and your work projects....I'm very proud of you for managing your schedule, pursuing your dreams, and doing it all with a smile!

Dear Lotus Notes, you are so archaic that people are probably wondering who the hell this letter is to.  I hate you with a passion.  I'm amazed how slow you are, and how you always find something that must be run, replicated, or updated....which makes sending an E-mail turn into a 20-minute endeavor.  When February 27 rolls around and our work switches to Outlook, I will celebrate.  In fact, I'll dance on your grave.

Dear Readers, I love you.  Yes, YOU.  Each and every one of you!  I came home from Thailand and tried to catch up on all your posts....and I realized that I really missed you while I was gone.  I was sad that by the time I read everything, it was well in the past and already had 25 comments expressing my sentiments.  Okay, maybe I'm slightly possessive of my favorite bloggers!  Hahaha :)  I hope y'all enjoy your weekends.




16 February 2012

I'm testing it out.
Hoping for a more efficient platform
for keeping up my all my lovelies.
I'll let y'all know how it goes!

He's Still Got It

Last night, J and I went to see Roger Waters' The Wall at Sydney Olympic Park.
We booked it awhile back thinking it would be a nice Anniversary & V-Day treat.
It was freakin' outstanding!
One of the best concerts I've ever been to, for sure.

{Warning, the picture quality is not great because they are taken with our iphone, without flash.} {Heading up the escalators} {Waiting, waiting, waiting...did the guy in front of us really have green hair or is that some weird camera exposure?!?!} The theatrics of the show were incredible.  What you see in the pictures above & below, is the scenery during "Another Brick in the Wall Part II".....better known by me as "Hey, Teacher, leave them kids alone."  The big blow-up puppet was the creepy, tyrannical teacher.  His eyes lit up red and he moved around.  It was mesmerizing and gave me the heeby jeeby's all at the same time.
{The red glow in the center of the crowd is a big pig that floated around over the crowd.}
{The obligatory, over exposed self portrait...which makes us look extra tan.}

Some of my thoughts from the show:
+Wow it's incredible that so many hit songs all came from that one album.  You {and by you, I mean me} forget just how many hits are Pink Floyd's...and then to realize that Roger Waters wrote all of them on one album just blows your mind.

+Now I understand why the tickets are so effin' expensive--
the pyrotechnics, stage design, projections, and overall production were stunning.

+The guy/girl ratio was at least 10:1....which meant...dun dun lines for the bathroom!  Woohoo :)

+It's wonderful to see older musicians who are still alive, in good physical shape, and able to share their gift with younger generations.  It made me happy and sad at the same time.  Happy to see Roger Waters in his twilight years, who's clearly still got it, poking fun at his younger self {he called his younger self 'grumpy'.}  But at the same time, it's sad to think of how many talented musicians never live to experience that.  

+There were many anti-war and anti-government sentiments expressed throughout the show.  He showed hundreds of photos of fallen soldiers.  The album was released in 1979, off the heels of the Vietnam War {1962-1975.}  To think, we fought in Vietnam for thirteen years, amidst the outcry for peace from youth and artists alike.  Now, it's 2012 and the anti-war message is just as relevant.  In fact, it's been relevant for the past eleven years we've been at war.  How sad.  I continue to pray for peace.

Here are a few professional photographs from the show:{This last one is during Comfortably Numb and the guy at the top is singing David Gilmore's part.}

A quote was displayed that I found especially poignant.  Both J and I remembered it almost verbatim as we discussed the show on the drive home.

"Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and not clothed."
-Dwight D. Eisenhower
34th President of the United States

This is me....on the Bandwagon

15 February 2012

This may come as a shock to some, but my life {until two days ago} was Pinterest-free.
I know, the horror.
What can I say?  I'm a late adopter.  I like other people to figure out how something works, why it's great, and convince me that I need it.
I'm still not convinced that I need Pinterest, but whatevs.
So far I haven't wasted much time on it, which is what I was afraid of.
Maybe that shouldn't come as a huge surprise, since I'm not into fashion, I don't own a home to decorate {hell, we don't even own our furniture in Sydney!}, and I'm not super crafty.

Nevertheless, I'm linking-up!
via Dawn Mason from

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via caren from here
Tell me your Pinterest names so I can follow y'all.

Tuesday Travel Diaries: Thailand

14 February 2012

Okay, so TTD this week?
I'm stealing the spotlight to write about Thailand.
Is that selfish?  Only four installments of TTD and two are all about me?!?!
Oh well.  'Round these parts, I'm in charge.  

The basics: where, when, & how long?
Thailand for 10 days:  4 days on Koh Phi Phi island, and 6 days in Phuket {Karon Beach.}

What route did you take?  And how much was the flight?
We flew Thai Airways from Syd-->Bangkok-->Phuket.  It was roughly 11 hours in the air.  I didn't have to pay for the flight because it was a work trip...but they are about $1,100.

Who did you travel with? 
I traveled with my friend Claire, who works for the same company.  So we spent the 4 days in Koh Phi Phi together before heading back to Phuket for conference.

Tell us where you stayed.
Phi Phi The Beach Resort
Hilton Arcadia, Karon Beach

Did you encounter anything unexpected?
Claire and I missed our connection in Bangkok...all because we cannot read military time.  That's pretty embarrassing to put out there, yet oh so true.  I've never missed a flight before in my life...but alas, they put us on a later one without much hassle.  We clearly pull off the "dumb girl" look a little too well.

How accurate are the stereotypes?
I figured the island would be pretty quite and low key....but it was much more like The Hangover 2.  So, I'd say the stereotypes are pretty spot on!  The bars in Phuket were filled with 'lady boys' and people trying to get you into ping pong shows.

{One of many over-decorated bars in Phuket...Patong Beach...aptly named Tiger Tiger}

Tell us about the food.
Thai food pretty much rocks.  I'd heard great things about the road side stands...and it's true...super delicious and el cheapo.  Aaaand, I ate papaya until I was sh*tting orange.  

Were there any must see’s?
The islands are absolutely the place to go in Thailand.  The cities are kind of dirty and have a hustler vibe, which I didn't like.  However, there are many uninhabited islands, with amazing views, pristine waters, and excellent snorkeling.  Maya Beach {a short boat ride from Koh Phi Phi} is where Leonardo Dicaprio's The Beach was filmed.

{Fire show on a tight rope, Slinky's Bar in Koh Phi Phi}

Do you have any regrets?
I was very hungover on our last full day on the island.  So much so that I missed our snorkeling tour {that was booked for 2pm.  Seriously hungover.}  I'm totally bummed that I missed the tour because I love looking at sea life and wanted to check out some of the smaller islands.  Therefore, I also regret drinking Vodka/Redbull buckets, which caused said hangover.  Will I ever learn?  Buckets of alcohol are not my friend.

Would you go back?
Yes!  I'd love to check out Koh Lanta and some of the less touristy islands.  There's also a huge bash for the Full Moon in Koh Phangan, which would be work checking out.  Mainly though, I'd love to just island hop and enjoy the simple life by the ocean :)

Anything else you'd like to share about the trip?
My job is better than yours?  Haha!  In all seriousness, it was pretty freakin' awesome to have a work conference overseas.  It never would have happened in a million years when I was working for the same company in the U.S.  So I'm just very thankful for the opportunity to travel!

Oh!  And I learned tons of new British/Aussie slang from Claire...but I'm saving that for another post ;)
{Cutie hanging out with her parents at a roadside food stall.}
 {Beautiful dancer from our Awards Night}

Happy Anniversary!

13 February 2012

Today is my 2-year wedding anniversary!
Love you, husband.....

{Don't mind me looking tired as f*#!}

Can you believe this was us two years ago?Being married to you is the best.  Love you, babe.

On a Koh Phi Phi Comedown...

12 February 2012

Well, dear readers, I'm home from Thailand.
It was a travel marathon this weekend that involved checking out of Phuket hotel at 10:00am Saturday,
and not arriving home until 7:30am Sunday.
Let me tell you how awesome it is to spend a nine-hour flight surrounded by work colleagues you only sort-of know.  Awesome.  I personally know that I look and act my best in those situations.
I show off my 'sleeping with mouth open' skills, my bad breath that results from aforementioned skill, and how quickly I can eat a bread roll with butter.  Oh yeah.
Needless to say, I'm wishing I was still here.
However, I'm glad to be home with J for our two-year wedding anniversary.

More to come when the travel-haze lifts.
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