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God Bless the USA

20 August 2012

This is about as patriotic as I get, people.
Without further ado, my Things I'm Grateful For: US Edition...

  • Pandora radio
  • Large, easy-access parking lots
  • Trader Joe's
  • Yogurtland
  • being able to easily call & text friends/family
  • my dogs!  my sweet, sweet dogs
  • Olympic coverage biased toward my home country
  • cheap fuel {yeah, I said it}
  • cheap everything, for that matter
  • weather reports in Farenheit
  • using our electronics without plug adapters

I haven't been around the blog world much lately.  Part of me feels that I owe you all and explanation for that, and part of me says {in my best Cartman voice} "whatever, I do what I want."  Seriously though, let me take a crack at this.

Excuse #1:
I went to my week-long meditation retreat at the beginning of August.  It's an annual event for me, and I always make it a week without any computer or television.  I also limit cell phone use to the occasional communication with my husband.  Needless to say, I wasn't doing any blogging during the retreat.  But even more than that, I generally come home from the retreat with a new perspective on my attachment to the internet.  I realize how free I am without it, and how much time I waste on my computer.  So I'm always a little hesitant to jump right back in.

Excuse #2:
After returning "home" from my retreat, we emptied our storage space back into our apartment.  I spent one night amidst the boxes before flying to Albuquerque to visit my sister & pick-up my dogs.  Visits with my sister {and my cute nephews} always fly by, so once again I try to really limit my computer time and capitalize on the visit.  I took quite a few pictures & video clips with blogging in mind, but cannot quite seem to devote the time to it.

Excuse #3:
Fast forward to my return from Albuquerque.  I arrive back at my apartment to the sad reality that all my life's possessions are still in boxes, suitcases, and piles all over the house.  Like it or not, I had a lot of work to do.  In addition to unpacking, there's all the other small tasks associated with moving back home--like updating our renter's insurance policy, changing our car insurance, going through the stacks of mail we accumulated, and the list goes on.  I could continue, but I think you get the picture.

storage space
our bedroom...yikes!

Basically, life has taken precedence over blogging.  And for the most part, I feel really good about that.  I'm trying to let go of this idea that I have to blog 5 times a week.  I want to free myself from feeling guilty if I don't write a blog posts, or don't find time to read my favorite blogs.  This should be a hobby, not a chore.  

In an effort to reduce any obligation I feel toward blogging, I'm going to stop selling & swapping ads for awhile.  Once your ad expires in Passionfruit, I won't renew it.  If and when I return to regular blogging, I'll revisit this :)

So let's collectively cross our fingers and toes that I find a way to gracefully add a little blogging back into my life.  At the very least, the following posts have been floating around in my head far too long not to blog them:
  • Paid Sponsorship Mythbusters (aka My Foray in the Land of Buying Ad Space)
  • Passionfruit: My Two Cents (on the things I like, and also why it's a pain for ad swapping)
  • Pictures & words about Saigon, Taiwan, Japan, and New Zealand!


  1. I like your brief return to the blogging world, I have indeed missed you :)

    I can't wait to read more but I also like that you're being honest about this and living life rather than feeding the masses (yes, I will refer to myself as the masses right now. hey fatty boom bah!)

    Have to say though, Celsius beats Fahrenheit...


  2. It's good to "see" you when you do pop your head in, but I get it. We've not even shipped our stuff yet, but with the big move only 6 weeks away I'm already finding some days that blogging just isn't going to happen. Right now my priorities are: my immediate life (pooches, cat, husband, eating good food, which takes time to cook), seeing as much of England as possible before we leave, getting together with friends as much as possible before we leave, and getting ready to leave. That last one will move up the list significantly in Sept. when we actually start scheduling shipments, but unfortunately there are a ton of things in front of my face before the computer enters in. In fact, I think I'm going to turn this into a blog post. You're welcome for the preview ;)

    Also, YES YES YES to using electronics without adapters. That has entered my mind more and more lately...

  3. I was so glad to have found you before you left for your big travel around the world and to follow those travels. One thing about vacations, is that you need a vacation after the vacation to get back into the swing of things. It is a joy to see the occasional post from you pop up. We all need a break from reality to determine what we feel is most important.

    I do not think it is necessary to post 5 days a week and you definitely should not feel guilty about missing a day. I am sure you will find your passion again and jump in full force!

  4. Hehe I miss you. You freakin' crack me up. I wish we had Trader I'm still on the SAD TRAIN cause we don't have one! :( So if you wanna be an better send me some stuff asap! ;)

    P.S. I totally got your Cartman voice..that's the only South Park reference I know! ha!

  5. I think your excuses for not blogging are totally legit! I've missed your regular posts, but I think it's important to do your thing at the same time. Get living!

  6. I hear ya about the blogging thing - hence me not doing so in over a month. It's really no fun when I was feeling like I "have" to - which is a really self-important thought. But anyway, it's always good to "hear" from you when you do pop in. Good luck on those boxes!

  7. I TOTALLY understand this, and I'm not even dealing with moving! I've written 3-4 per week for the last month and only been replying to genuine comments that warrant an answer or response. It has made a world of difference. I still have that nagging feeling that I can't go without posting for more than 48 hours, but I'm decided that life is more important. AND I'll be busy with other things come next month, so why not transition now? Haha. That's my logic, anyway.

    Glad to see you around again, and it sounds like we're both kind of "backing off". I stopped taking ad swap requests over a month ago! Closin' that shiz down, y'all.

  8. Welcome back lady! Even if it's just a polkaroo pop in. Wait - this might be a Canadian reference (just in case ) Anyways - I am just trying this ad sponsor swap thing out for the first time. We'll see how it goes. However it's already stressing me out - I don't want to be a slave to my blog. Good for you for taking a step back. I could use this as well. Missed you.

  9. I would love to hear your take on sponsors and swapping! I go back and forth on this issue myself, so am always interested to hear what other people think.

  10. Welcome back, Emmy! I've missed you, I think we all have :) i can so relate to this post, though! I am feeling the same way about my blog - and very similar to what Gesci said. With 3 weeks left in Dominica, I just want to enjoy it. I am busy traveling, saying goodbye to friends, and tying up loose ends. When we go back, I will be doing exactly what you are doing - catching up, unpacking, and living life. It is tricky trying to keep up with the blog while doing all of that. For a while, a felt like blog life was taking a priority over my daily life, and I don't like that! I think it is hard to take a step back - so kudos!!! Good luck settling back in and keep enjoying the good ole U S of A!

  11. Wow, that is a huge number of boxes! :O
    Looking forward to reading about your trip to NZ. :)

  12. First of all, welcome home! I'm looking forward to your next posts, whenever they may be. The blogs I enjoy most value quality over quantity. Anyhow, good luck settling back in and congrats on your new job!


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