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War {huh!} What is it Good For?

04 July 2012

I've been a serious slacker with blogging lately!  It's silly because I have so much great blogging material on my computer and in my head.  Perhaps that's slightly overwhelming?  I do feel a struggle between wanting to effectively capture the experience, and simply pushing forward to rather than letting the pressure build.

Anyhow, I mentioned that our time in Hanoi was a massive history lesson...and it's not over yet!

For those of you, like me, who couldn't remember exactly why we got involved in Vietnam, here's a brief recap:

1) Vietnam was part of French-ruled Indochina until 1954.  When Vietnam gained freedom, it was partitioned into North Vietnam & South Vietnam.
2) North Vietnam was established as a communist country under the leadership of Ho Chi Minh.  A politician in South Vietnam declared himself Prime Minister and refused to hold the nationwide elections that had been mandated during the peace treaty.
3) The United States wanted to bolster the shaky democracy of South Vietnam, as it was the only democracy in Southeast Asia.  The US believed that the fall of South Vietnam could result in the spreading of communism across much more of the region. 
4) From there {long story bearable}, North & South began a civil war, with the US backing South Vietnam.  The United States officially attacked in 1965.  The fall of Saigon, which ended the war, occurred 10 years later in 1975.
5) Vietnam is now a unified, communist country.

Here are some photos from our visit to the War Museum in Hanoi (North Vietnam.)

"I am a citizen of the United States of America.  I do not speak your language.  Misfortune forces me to seek your assistance in obtaining food, shelter, and protection.  Please take me to someone who will provide for my safety and see that I am returned to my people.  My government will reward you."


  1. "... Absolutely nothin'!"

    I can only imagine how much you are learning on your big adventure! And I'm so glad you have a blog to capture it for yourself to look back on years from now and to share it with all of your adoring fans... I mean, readers. :-)

  2. Beautiful post! Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Wow that must have been fascinating!

  4. Huh - fascinating! I actually had no idea what the Vietnam War was about, other than what you see on TV (hippies protesting and wanting to "give peace a chance"). It makes more sense the way you explain it - I didn't realize that they were basically a newly formed government, in the middle of a civil war. History is so interesting!

  5. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by the blog thing lately, and the posts I have done have been less than inspired.

    You on the other hand are still bringing stuff to the table, so yay! for that!

    Right now we may be forced to give up our Vietnam honeymoon in order to move, which is giving me the major sads. But I'm loving following along on your trip!

  6. Oh wow, how amazing to be able to see that history so up-close-and-personal and not through books and documentaries.
    And to continue on with your title... "absolute-lay nothin'"


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