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Hitting the Proverbial Wall

13 July 2012

It was bound to happen at some point during our eight weeks of travel.
After a night on the overnight train, we arrived in Hue at 7am.
We had the whole day to explore the city, before catching an evening train to Danang.
Except I had a cold that was zapping my energy.
Except Jeff didn't sleep well on the train.
Except the last thing we felt like doing was being tourists for the day.

But without any other options, we tried to make the best of it.
We loaded up on coffee and headed for the Imperial City.

Within 10 minutes, I suggested we sit down at the restaurant for some water and a rest.
The scalding heat and humidity was seriously getting the best of me.
However, being the persistent {stubborn} people we are, we kept at the touristy stuff.
We walked, and walked, and took some photos.
But did we enjoy it? No.

We had hit a wall.
THE wall.  The proverbial wall.

It was bound to happen.  And on that day in Hue, it happened.

By 2:00pm I was completely over it.  So over it, in fact, that I readily handed over $70 to the driver who agreed to drive us the 4 hours to Hoi An.  I simply did not want to wait another 5 hours, only to get on a 2 hour train, and then arrive at our hotel around eleven o'clock at night.

I hate spending money unnecessarily, and I hate going over-budget even more, but in that moment, I felt like the lucky one.  Because I was getting the hell out of Hue and heading to the comfort of our hotel room in Hoi An.

No offense to's a great city that just caught us weary travelers on the wrong day.
Nevertheless, here's what we managed to capture of the city before moving on.

gate to the Imperial City
wedding photos we stumbled upon

elephant cool down
oh hello 3 live geese

Do you ever hit a wall when traveling?


  1. Hahaha those geese ... bet they are no longer alive, but made someone a really good dinner or three ...

    I know what you mean about the travel wall, especially when you are ill, and it's something no one ever mentions.

    Whenever I go away, there is always at least one day when I do not feel like going out and appreciating the sites. I don't want regrets, but I am also just tired. And grumpy and cannot be assed if I'm honest.

    At least you got some great pics, if not great memories for that day!

    Have a good weekend!

  2. When the travel wall & the heat wall meet on the same day? Bad News. I can be tired, but still be pleasant, or be hot & not kill someone, but when I'm tired And hot & stuck somewhere is when I get pissy.

    At least you recognized it and got the hell outa dodge/hue.

  3. I cannot remember the last time I actually hit a travel wall. But I have learned to shorten vacations. Sometimes it's not worth those extra 2 days because it can become overwhelming.

    Still looks like you both are having a great time!

  4. Oh, yes. We've discovered that every 4th-5th day of a trip we need a low-key day. Either an entire day devoted to one major site, or just a day spent sleeping in, wandering, eating, and sitting. Not only does this re-energize us, but it often makes us discover things we wouldn't have, just by slowing down!
    Most of our Europe trips have only been 4-5 days total- but we've needed a down day for the few that have been longer!
    Hope things picked back up for you- and hey, when you get to California $70 for a four-hour taxi ride will seem like a steal :)

  5. Hahaha! The geese, love it.

    I think those days are sometimes nice because you can have a relaxing day and not feel guilty because you don't have the energy to feel guilty!

    Hope NZ is treating you well! :) xx

  6. I hope you got around the wall! I tend to hit an emotional wall at some point during a trip that's longer than a week. I just want to be able to veg, and not be a tourist for a while. Hope you don't run into any other walls this trip!

  7. The mister and I have yet to take an extended or international vacation together, but he warned me long, long ago that he does not vacation the way that my family does! Growing up, our vacations were always like field trips. My mom had itineraries with sites and would even have print-outs so we could read a bit of the history during breakfast or in the car. It would be go, go, go from sun up to sunset.

    But I know to expect that Mr. TBS will need a break at some point, probably even during long and packed days. :-)

  8. It is a long trip! It is totally okay to skip a city. I was on the east coast for a month (and that was 'home') and I was over it by the end! Gorgeous pics, regardless.

  9. Looks awesome. What a cool trip. Just discovered your blog and I'm a new follower.

    FEST (food, style & travel)

  10. Of course you should have taken the cab! I'm sure you're thanking yourselves already. It happens to the best of us. Sometimes you need a vacation from the things you've been doing on vacation, like sightseeing and long excursions. Hope you got to chill at the next stop!

  11. Beautiful photos, especially the 4th one down!

    I have never had the "hitting a wall" experience while travelling, but I can definitely see how it would happen!

    Also, the photo of the geese on the back of the bike made me LOL! :P

  12. I've never actually really traveled much, but I can imagine that it could get tiring. I think if/when I get the money to travel around the world, I'll take it really slow and let myself acclimate along the way so it's not a constant barrage of newness. I think that might make a difference in the potential tiredness level.


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