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Fun Fact: L.O. Breeze

09 July 2012

My first legit show horse...
L.O. Breeze.
I got her as a 4-year old,
and showed her for two years
before going to college.
Now she lives with a sweet family in Illinois.

This blog post is part of the "Fun Facts About Emmy June" series, designed to keep you entertained and following along, while I'm gallivanting around the globe for two months.


  1. This is cute :) I like your horsey. I also like pictures of young Em and horse riding Em. Show me moreeeee! Xxx

  2. Awww. My first "legit" show horse was a stubborn KWPN -- but riding and showing him has made me appreciate the "less difficult". I'm still waiting for my first horse purchase; I think my husband would prefer I wait for Hell to freeze over -- I showed him my monthly cost expectancy and he all but keeled over.

    Yes, a little more expensive than a dog. ;)

  3. She's so beautiful! We drive by horses on our drive to and from work, and I just think they're so beautiful!

  4. haha, nice! that horse if gorgeous (and I never knew riding gear could be so flattering!) I think I'm going to enjoy this 'fun facts about Emmy june' series. :)

  5. She's beautiful! Seeing as I know close to nothing about horses I'm not sure I'm really that qualified to comment on her looks, but she seems like the perfect show horse to me. I'd give her a 10...if that is in fact the highest score.

  6. first off, love the word gallivanting!!

    secondly, where are you at the moment?

    thirdly, I've missed you!!


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