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30 July 2012

Hi Friends!
As if I haven't been absent enough,
this week I'm gone to a weeklong meditation/spiritual retreat.
It's something I do every year, as an opportunity to unplug from the "real" world,
and soley focus on my spiritual life and being a better person.

I suppose it's my blogging summer vacation.

Many of you have asked about our dogs,
and the answer is that we haven't seen them yet.
We fly to Albuquerque next week to get them!

So when I return from my week away,
expect some puppy reunion cuteness!


  1. You are quite possibly the coolest person I know, Emily! Enjoy your week long meditation retreat :)

  2. Have a great time on your retreat! Where are you headed? Spirit Rock?

  3. Soak up all that meditation goodness, babe! Love you a ton and a half!

  4. I really need to look into something like this. I am plugged in far too often. Enjoy it.

  5. You GO girl... step away from blogging and enjoy yourself!! And have a super happy reunion with the dawgs!!!! xoxoxo

  6. What an amazing experience! I am totally intrigued and inspired. Have a great time! I've been out of town myself, so I'm trying to catch up. I always enjoy your adventures.


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