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A Seaside Escape

18 July 2012

Remember how Jeff and I hit a wall in Hue, Vietnam?
Well, we escaped to beachside Hoi An for a few days of r&r.
More specifically, we lazed around in A/C and ooh'ed and ahh'ed over
the gorgeous room and grounds of Villa Hoa Su.

Hoi An was such a cool spot.
It's a UNESCO World Heritage site,
because the ancient downtown has been a major trading post
for hundreds of years.
It's vibrant,
full of great restaurants,
and is the one of the best places in the world
to have clothes tailor-made for you.

And apparently there are dudes who can
use giant baskets as boats.
So, yeah.
Need I say more?

It was the perfect spot for me to kick my cold,
watch tons of Breaking Bad,
sleep away the morning,
and still take a nap in the afternoon.

We also got tons of ideas for how we'll design
the backyard of our future luxury mansion,
which I can only hope will include distant views of water buffalo,
as this one did.


  1. Um, I want I giant bowl-boat! That is fantastic! Also that bathtub... I'm not a bath person, but I might take one there. It's gorgeous! Did you get any clothes? I've heard so many great things about getting clothes affordably stitched right up in Asia, I think I'd have to get at least one piece!
    Gorgeous. Wow.

  2. That looks amazing. Glad you kicked your cold - there is nothing worse than being sick whilst travelling

  3. Hoi An is so charming! I really like it there. I still have a few dresses that I got made there still kickin' it in my wardrobe. Ummm...I even got shoes made. I can't wear them because they are ridiculous - but I enjoyed to process.

    Your pictures make me so nostalgic.

  4. Now I want my very own bowl boat! I mean c'monnn, look at that thing! Amazing.

    And it relaxes me just looking at those gorgeous photos, so I can only imagine how it made you feel :)

  5. That sounds so relaxing and refreshing! Those pictures are beautiful, but I also like the idea of sleeping the morning away and watching TV shows online. :-)

    And just as everyone else has been saying, I want a basket boat too.

  6. So a beautiful garden! Looks very relaxing there.


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