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The Joys of Travelling

09 June 2012

In our heads, we romanticize travel.  It's glamorous, adventurous, fun.
It's something we yearn to do, and we often fantasize about it or envy those who are travelling.
But let's face it, travelling isn't always glamorous.
Let me provide you with a few examples.

Example #1:
Our flight from Hamilton Island back to Sydney was almost diverted due to high winds.  However, we managed to successfully land in 70+mph winds after a half hour delay.  Yay!  Upon landing, they announced that the cargo door to access our baggage could not be opened in such high winds.  We would be able to disembark the plane, but would have to wait until the wind died down to get our luggage.

Okay, no worries.  We waited.  And waited.  And waited.  More than three HOURS later, our baggage finally arrived on the carousel.  During the 3 hour wait, we were told every 10 minutes that we could not leave the airport, because it was a federal offense to leave your luggage.  Fo realz.

High Winds in Sydney {via}
Example #2:
On our train journey home after our 3 hour wait, we noticed that the zipper on our big hard shell suitcase split open, allowing some of our clothing to spill out.  Although I was able to temporarily fix it, it seemed like a terrible idea to press our luck with 11 more flights to go.  Therefore, the next morning we scrambled to the mall to buy a new suitcase before taking off for Bali.

Example #3:
Every international flight I've taken from Australia has been on a nice, long-haul plane.  I mean the kind with more leg room, more recline, individual tv screens, and free meals.  So imagine my surprise when our Virgin Australia flight to Bali {a six and a half hour flight, no less} was on a crappy plane designed for short-hauls.  Let me elaborate:

  • No free food
  • Very little leg room
  • Not much seat recline
  • NO tv screens...anywhere.  No movies, nothing.

For a SIX AND A HALF hour flight.  To put that in perspective, add a half hour and it's the length of a NYC --> Europe flight.  What gives, Virgin?  I didn't realize you were a low budget, craptastic airline.

Example #4:
And lastly, on said flight, the 20-something Aussie bloke sitting next to me graced us with his shart-your-pants gas the entire flight.  At first, I thought it was the little kid in front of us.  However, the more I thought about it, the less plausible that became.  I know how parents are when they smell poop/farts from their kids.  They immediately, without shame, put their nose up to the kid's butt and then ask the kid if he needs to go to the bathroom.  Since this wasn't happening, and I saw a little leg lift action from my neighbor, I can only presume that he was the one crop dusting us.

Although traveling isn't always glamorous,
it's still totally worth it.


  1. Haha, so, so true. Visiting the places is glamorous, especially when you are at a fun restaurant or an amazing site, but the travel in between is so not! I cannot believe that stinky man next to you... so awful! The "in transit" stories on planes and trains and buses are always the craziest parts of my trips!

  2. Haha hilarious! I'm sorry you got crop dusted for 7 are much stronger than me...I would've needed one of those barf bags..haha it sounds like it is all worth it though!! :)

  3. Oh my word that last cartoon is hilarious. Sorry that Virgin Airlines failed you. I find it hard to trust any brand that claims to be a virgin. We all know that isn't true, Branson. You have kids.

  4. agreed, the act of traveling is so not glamorous, but the destination makes i totally worth it

  5. That all sucks! My boyfriend got crop dusted for like a half hour in a class he was in last week, he finally told the guy he needed to move!

  6. Virgin is a great airline except in Australia. Always go Qantas in OZ.

  7. I wish people would write about their horror travel stories more.

    When I was leaving Australia - my zipper got caught and broke in the belt where they weigh your bag. The lady was like "Meh". Ugh so frustrating. I was then told I would have to take it up with the airline when I reached my destination.

    And try flying long haul for 17 hours with no TV's or leg room next to a fat guy. It's the worst. But the destination always seems to make that seem so insignificant.

    I hope your train travels in Vietnam go smoothly. We had a break down in the middle of nowhere. Like in the middle of a field. Basically the jungle. We ended up paying someone to use their cell phone and getting the travel company Steve deals with to come pick us up. We heard that afterwards those peeps on the train were stuck there for over 12 hours. I WOULD HAVE DIED {with all the cockroaches}.

    I am totally digging all your travel posts. Can't wait for more.

  8. I always tend to not think of the actual GETTING to the destination part of the trip cuz, that always blows ha.

  9. I swear traveling gets worse as we get older! Im a much bigger fan of the destination these days :)

  10. I was reading this out loud to my husband and could barely get through that last paragraph... dying of laughter over here... so sorry for your crop dusting traveler... at least it made a good blog post :) (that's what I always say when something ridiculously heinous happens!)

  11. Amen. Haha I think I've experienced all of these "joys" in some form or another.

  12. Ewww! Gross! That is a LONG flight to deal with a seat neighbor's gas!

    Sorry. I know you included some funny pictures and shared other stories, but this gassy story has taken over my brain! Yuck!


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