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Hamilton Island

08 June 2012

Otherwise known as the vacation spot of golf carts, amazing sunsets, and feeding wild animals.
I wish I had something profound to say about this place, but I think you're all familiar with it's key elements.  At it's core, Hamilton Island is just a great place to unwind and enjoy the ocean.

The island is golf-cart only.  This means two things: 1) it's super small, and 2) you have the freedom of transportation, without the stress.

Airport parking

I really needed this stop as the first 5 days of our Big Adventure.  As I said, I was feeling like a crazy stressed out person when we left Sydney.  Had we gone anywhere that required thinking or much activity, I would probably still be feeling that way.  But as it were, the biggest decisions required on Hamilton Island were whether to go to the pool, the ocean, or enjoy the views from our balcony.  And that, my friends, is exactly what the doctor ordered.

I'd keep talking, but the pictures tell the story better than I can.

Misty morning view from our deck

Sulphur Crested Cockatoos that visited us daily

Australian possums that my bff decided to feed {naughty, naughty}

Seriously though, have you ever seen possums this cute!??!

Thanks Hamilton Island!
Next stop: Ubud, Bali


  1. I'm pretty sure that's what heaven looks like. Safe travels to Bali!! Can't wait to read all about it

  2. Wow, so beautiful! Way to make leaving just a bit harder ;)

  3. Reminds me of Mackinac Island...except more beautiful!

  4. No! I've only really seen one possum up close and it was playing dead inside my friend's house where I was house sitting. Her dog brought it to em as a gift. It was NOT CUTE. In any way. Ha!

    In other news, that place looks fabulous. I am somehow jealous and very happy for you at the same time. :)

  5. No I have not ever seen possums that cute! They are adorable! :O
    We have them here in NZ too, only they are pests because they eat native trees and kill native birds. :(

  6. That first photo is my absolute favorite of the bunch. Simply breathtaking!

    And yeah. When did possums get so cute? Only in Oz!

    I'm glad you had time to RELAX, Em! I love you!


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