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Fun Fact: Skunks

04 June 2012

My first job out of college had me working at a ranch in California,
training Arabian horses.
Within six months of working there,
I got my bff from Michigan a job at the ranch and she moved cross-country.

One day, we noticed a mare acting really weird in her stall.
Upon closer inspection, we saw that there was a baby skunk harassing her.
He would run up to her, do a 180, and lift his tail like he was going to spray.
In turn, the mare was putting her ears back,
and kicking at him.

We laughed and laughed,
and watched the scene unfold for quite some time,
until it was pretty clear that the mare was going to win this battle,
and the poor baby skunk would likely get crushed.

Since he hadn't successfully sprayed the mare,
we assumed that he was too little to spray.
We rescued him, and named him Einstein, aka Skunkers.

My best friend and I got a cage for him, and started researching skunks' diets.
We lifted up his tail, many times, to try and determine "his" gender.
Within a few days, we took him to the vet to get his vaccinations.

We asked the vet, "is he a boy or a girl?"
The vet replied, "I'll tell you next week when we remove the stink glands.
I don't want to get sprayed."
Us: "He doesn't spray, he's too young."
Vet: "No he's not.  He can definitely spray."

Apparently us lifting his tail and closely inspecting the butthole region
had not been aggravating enough to make him spray us.
Clearly, we dodged a bullet.

Skunkers followed us around the house like a little duckling.
He was always one step behind.

Sadly, the day before his vet appointment for stink gland removal,
{surely there was a more technical term},
he disappeared.  We searched and searched for hours,
and could only conclude that he followed my best friend out of the house
without her knowing it.
Our hope is that Skunkers is living a long life in the wild,
now that he's vaccinated against all common diseases.

This blog post is part of the "Fun Facts About Emmy June" series, designed to keep you entertained and following along, while I'm gallivanting around the globe for two months.


  1. Hahaha, I love this! Hope your travels are going well, dear!

  2. Awww, little Einstein! Well, it's probably for the best that he is back in the wild and enjoying spraying whatever he pleases! :-)

  3. My boyfriend just told me last week that he wanted to get a skunk. Of course, I had no idea you could get the stink glands removed... Yours was so darn cute, I may stop objecting....

  4. aww! haha! This is too cute!

  5. Oh. What a little sweetie. Well, except for the spraying part. I have no doubt that skunkers is frolicking thru the forest right now feeling superior because he's vaccinated.

  6. I never thought I would say this, but that skunk is adorable!

  7. WHAT?!? I absolutely LOVE that you had a baby skunk as pet. And that he was trying to spray the mare! And that you trained horses. Seriously, you are awesome, and this whole post makes me smile! I would love to have a baby skunk!!!

  8. My sister and cousin were talking about getting a pet skunk, I thought they were crazy till I saw this!

    who thought that a skunk could be cute and could actually be a pet! lol

  9. I have never heard of anyone having a skunk as a pet!! Too funny!! Love it!

    Not Exactly What I Planned...

  10. I have never heard of anyone having a skunk as a pet!! Too funny!! Love it!

    Not Exactly What I Planned...

  11. That is amazing! Tim and I always joke about trying to have a pet squirrel (without rabies.) That skunk is adorable.

  12. Aww! I think skunks are so cute, but I feel like I'm not supposed to haha. And I'm glad you never got sprayed!

  13. Emmy, I knew you were awesome, but almost having a skunk for a pet? This takes the cake! That little dude is so "Stinking" Cute!

  14. What an adorably cute story!! That little skunk baby is precious :)

  15. aweee i never thought i'd say this about a skunk but it's actually kind of cute! or maybe it's just cute that he took a liking to you two and didn't spray you when he could have. either way, there's all sorts of cuteness going around!

  16. This is totally awesome. I can't believe you had a baby skunk! He actually looks quite cute...smelly, but cute!

  17. That's hilarious! Love the pics and what a great story. :)

  18. Great "random fact" about yourself!
    That's the cutest thing ever. I've never seen a baby skunk! You sure do lead an exciting animal-filled life!
    Hope you're meeting more new furry (or non-furry) friends on your travels!

  19. Aww, what a cute pet!

    xo Kayla

  20. Aww, what a cute pet!

    xo Kayla

  21. oh my GOODNESS that sweet little ball of fur!!! i am so jealous! what a precious little cuddlepie!

  22. aw Skunkers was so cute! I hope he's alive and well out there in the wild! Great story :)

  23. omggg!!!! I want a baby skunkers! Seriously, put a baby anything in front of me and I'm in love :)

  24. Hahaha that is awesome! You guys are like the Skunk Whisperers! That is the custest baby skunk I have ever seen...well the only baby skunk I have ever seen...but still! :)


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