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Fun Fact: The Office

11 June 2012

We love The Office in our household.
We've watched the episodes over and over,
we love quoting Dwight, and Michael, and Jim.
In fact, we've even seen Meredith twice in our neighborhood.

Does anyone remember the episode where Michael
goes to Sandals Jamaica, and comes back sporting this look?

When Jeff and I went to Costa Rica for our wedding,
we decided to have a little fun.

What do you think?  
Does he rock the Michael Scott?

This blog post is part of the "Fun Facts About Emmy June" series, designed to keep you entertained and following along, while I'm gallivanting around the globe for two months.


  1. BAHAHA! What a stellar look that is for Jeff! Yeeeaaah, bro!

  2. Lol! That's too funny! I love The Office too- Michael Scott is one of the best characters ever created!!! So hilarious!

    xo Kayla

  3. I love this! He totally pulled off the Michael Scoot "I'm so excited" facial expression too.

  4. Ha! Love the Michael look. He sports it well.

  5. I think Michael Scott would be proud. I love the office too though I thought this past season was embarassingly awful. Safe travels!

  6. Love the office!!! He definitely pulls off the look. Haha.

  7. Oh that's awesome. (your hubs hair)
    The Office rocks my socks off.

  8. Hahaha, I'm still laughing about this. Classic Jeff, standard.

    I think he should do this again when we're in America and he has to leave it in the whole time we are there! X

  9. I'm cracking up-- I love the Office!

  10. Bahahahaah, this is so good. SO, SO GOOD. He totally rocks the Michael Scott. I gave Charlie one of those hats for Christmas :)

  11. I had to show this to Scott immediately! We love The Office. That episode is hilarious! It cracks me up that Jeff went for it with the braid. Remember in that same episode when Michael says to Pam that he wants piƱa coladas everyday at 3 and then she tells him "but we can't today we have inventory" he responds something like "I specifically went on vacation to avoid that". That episode classic. This post started off my morning right :)

  12. "Michael: How hard is a luau? All you need are some grass skirts, pineapple, poi, tiki torches, suckling pig, some fire dancers. That's all you need."

    I'm sorry, you got me on a roll. Now I want to watch this episode.

  13. LOL! That is pretty funny! :P


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