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Blissed out in Bali: Spaaaaaah!

13 June 2012

We arrived in Ubud, Bali, without any plans.
As we wandered around, getting to know the city,
two things became very apparent:
1) there are far too many taxi drivers, all trying to pimp out their services
2) there are approximately three billion spas, also trying to pimp their services.
Naturally, I went for the latter.
After taking one look at the prices, we rapidly began scheduling our days around spa treatments.
At a whooping $17.50US for a 90 minute massage & body scrub,
or $7 for a pedicure,
who wouldn't?!?

It's been the epitome of relaxation and indulgence.
We started at Verona Spa--Jeff with the Balinese Boreh,
and I got the Javanese Lulur.  Both treatments were a 60 minute massage,
followed by a 30 minute body scrub,
topped off with a 20 minute flower bath.

And yeah, the rice patty views?  Amazing!
Since then, we've tried Kayma Spa--
Jeff getting 90 minute shiatsu,
while I opted for the 60-minute balinese massage.

We returned once more to Verona for facials & a pedicure.
{Okay, only I got the pedicure.  My husband has drawn the line at pedicures.}
I thought the facials were sub-par,
most likely because I strongly dislike the smell of wet washcloth,
and I kept worrying about unfiltered water getting into my mouth.

We also went to ShangriLa Spa, on the recommendation of a friend.
They do some really unique treatments using Sound therapy.
At only 20,000 rupiah ($3 US), we thought it would be fun to try something totally different.
I selected the Sound Table treatment, described as:

"Explore the healing power of sound as you lay on our specially crafted Teak sound table. By using the harmonics of harp strings your body will start to float on a carpet of sounds to help you regain emotional and energetic balance and integrity. Your chakras will naturally open and rebalance themselves in this deeply relaxing and spiritual experience."

I thought this treatment was relaxing and interesting.  The harp strings under the table vibrated through my body, making it so I not only heard the music, but more importantly, I felt it.  As to whether or not it was balancing energetically, I can't really say.  I find that most things related to energy & vibration are very subtle, and positive changes can be difficult to trace back to a single source.  Nevertheless, I enjoyed the experience.

This is my happy place!


  1. I'm trying to to hate you through my green haze of envy, and it's just barely working ;)

    Have a GREAT time and keep on pampering yourself!

  2. WOW!! I'm swooning over this spa experience!! Amazing...

  3. I've been on the edge of my seat waiting to hear about Bali! It is my dream vacation! It sounds like you guys are having an amazing time! Safe travels!

  4. I KNEW I should have crashed your vacation! I just knew it. ;-)

  5. I am so jealous!! What a way to spend your time on vacation, and all on the cheap! Nicely done, lady! Enjoy!

  6. Wow! So much relaxation! Glad you are making the most of all these cheap spa treatments! Enjoy!

  7. That sounds like my happy place too... AMAZING Emily! I've heard really positive things about sound therapy. I can't believe how amazing the prices are in Bali. Hoping I get there sometime in 2013!

  8. Oh, this looks wonderful. I'm so glad you're enjoying!

  9. This is very interesting, glad you had great experiences. I love hearing about new treatments and the prices of treatments around the world (since I have worked in the spa field). Thanks for sharing!

  10. so so jealous :) Hope you are having an amazing time!

  11. Wow, that sounds amazing. I want to go there and destress! :O

  12. Bali is on my top to see lists...and apparently I need to add a day at the spa to the list. I love following you on your travels. I hope you're having the best time. I am sure that goes without saying.

  13. How awesome!!! Umm yeah, I'm pretty sure that's the perfect Happy Place :)

  14. The washcloth water would have creeped me out too. It's great you are taking advantage of the affordable treatments.

  15. I just... I... *sigh*. I want to hate you, but my jealousy is so overwhelming I can't fit another emotion in there. Seriously, Bali just jumped to the top of my travel list. Wow!

  16. So, wow. This all sounds amazing. Next time I do a big trip, I want you to plan it. Who knows, maybe after this you'll switch careers and become travel agent to all of us broke bloggers out there =).

  17. that looks so incredible! :)


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