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Blissed out in Bali: The Food

14 June 2012

Being the indulgent creatures we are,
not only did we make daily trips to the spa in Bali,
but we ate like royalty.
Bali is food-heaven for vegetarians,
and my meat-eating hubby found tons of dishes he loved too.
There's enough of a tourist & international vibe,
that many of the restaurants cater to the 
overseas//hippie//organic//yoga lovers.

1// A little coffeehouse on Monkey Forest Road that claimed to have the "Best Coffee in Bali."  
The coffee is okay {not the best in Bali}, but we loved their upstairs open-air lounge.
2// Goat cheese piperade from Cafe Des Artistes.  Yum!
3// Mini mezze plate from Kafe.  Oh.Em.Gee.  This was heavenly.  The beets are honey-soaked.
4// Papaya smoothie {poorly positioned to focus on the Perrier, but whatevs.}
I drank so many fruit smoothies. 
I literally should have turned into a papaya or a watermelon by now.

{clockwise from upper left}
1// Did I mention yet how much we loved LOUNGING everywhere we went?  
Pillows on the floor is the way to go.  
We're thinking of incorporating this style seating into our future home.  
2// Taco salad bowl from Taco Casa.  We loved this place and, as chance would have it, 
we ran into a friend of mine from college while dining there.!  
Haven't seen her in 7 years, and then we bump into each other in Bali of all the Taco Casa.
3// Pink treat juice--a combo of beets, honey, ginger, mango, and other ingredients I cannot recall.  Delish!  Husband had the mint lemonade {from Sari Organik.}
4// Mulberry pie from Kafe.  Meh.  Mom's homemade blackberry pie is better.
5// Organic buffet from Yellow Flower many great Balinese dishes to try.
6// Veggie salad from Kafe.

1// Husband looking super serious with the local beer, Bintang.
2// So many amazing oreo flavors in Bali.  This one was super delicious!
3// Vegetarian platter from Cafe Lotus.  Great food & gorgeous views of the lotus pond.
4// Sweet corn & shaved coconut dessert from Betelnut.  
This was so-so.  Not sweet enough to be a true dessert in my book.
5// Burrito with chicken from Kafe--the husband loved it!  
Can you tell we're mexican food starved after a year away from SoCal?
6// More lounging.  Yes! {at Sari Organik--enjoying the rice paddy views}
7// Mangosteen...delicious super fruit.  

So yeah, Bali was the land of indulgence for us.  Despite doing so much eating, it all felt healthy & reasonably portioned, so I don't think we gained any weight while there.  Either that or I only wear stretch pants on vacation.  There's always that.

And, not a single meal cost more than $10pp.  If I could transport these restaurants straight back to SoCal with me, I would.  Then I'd immediately triple the prices on all you poor suckers.  Don't hate.

Are you hungry yet?


  1. I am DYING looking at all those pics!!! They looks super good... and did you say PAPAYA?!?! My all time fave ever in all my life!!

    You inspire me to try new things girlie... I LOVE YOU for that ;)

  2. Oh, I'm starving now! Everything looks so delicious :)

  3. This looks so amazing! Bali looks like a must see, at least their food.

    Glad I found your blog :)

  4. Sounds fabulous girl! I love the pillows everywhere too. That's just so smart! And I bet the smoothies are just heavenly!

  5. Yum!! Everything looks great. A smoothie would totally hit the spot right now... and I love fruit in other just always tastes fresher to me for some reason.

  6. I enjoy the pictures of lounging about and Jeff looking serious with his Bintag. Justin would be so proud.

    Miss you guys oodles and oodles! X

  7. Thanks for taking time out to share these pictures! I'm not usually a food-picture sort of girl, but these dishes all look so unique and beautiful. Way to make me jealous!

  8. pillows on the floor - definitely the way to go. I seriously think this makes you think you're actually lounging. Actually you have the right to say "I am lounging."

    I would love to incorporate some south-east asian themes into my future home - only some. Because some are tacky. But do you think I could hire a bunch of women to run a spa in my home? Is that illegal?

  9. Vegetarian heaven? That's it. I HAVE to go! I love you, you lounge queen!

  10. Oh yes, south east asia and their strange habit of including vegetables in their "desserts"....sweet corn, lentils, kidney beans, sweet potatoes...I never could quite understand that.

  11. Oh my word, I can't believe you moved to Australia ( just found your blog) and I love love love that country. Second, I have always wanted to go to Thailand! So fun!

  12. That pink treat juice looked and sounds DIVINE... I may have to buy the ingredients you remember and bust out the juicer. I love how almost everything you mentioned is so fresh and healthy! Yummmmmmmmm


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