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Tips for Packing Clothes & Surfboards

29 May 2012

Tip #1: Use Space bags.

after: 2 pea coats, 2 jackets, 1 down vest
Tip #2: Read this tutorial on packing surfboards for travel.  

And completely unrelated to this post, 
but perhaps more interesting,
my bff is a kangaroo whisperer.

How was your Memorial Day, loves?


  1. The kangaroo's! Look at those little half-hands & that squished nose. Can you squeeze one of those guys in your suitcase too?

    p.s. Space Bags are awesome, it's how we moved too. You don't have to worry about space, but about overall weight when you use them :)

  2. Hi Emily,
    We enjoyed a fun but HOT Memorial Day. Just stopping by to say 'hi' and enter your Starbucks gc giveaway.....LOOOOVE Starbucks. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Umm, how awesome is the title of Kangaroo Whisperer? I have to think that'd look good on a resume! ;)

  4. i've been dying to try that ziplock air sucking thing (excuse my absence of proper terms). what a world of a difference though!!

    I'm gonna have to be packing soon for Maui, and I'm thinking about rolling everything... I know it wouldn't give me as much room as you have though :/

    I'm hosting my 1st giveaway today to say THANK YOU!!


  5. Memorial day was good!
    Space bags are lifesavers! and I've never had to pack a surfboard... but if I ever do, you will be my resource. :)

  6. Ahhhh the kangaroos! I love them :) I hope all the packing is going well! I cannot believe you being all of your adventures on Friday!

  7. I cannot imagine the scenario where I'd have to pack a surfboard but now I feel oddly prepared. Those Roos are
    so precious. Your friend is a lucky lady!

  8. Cute! love that last pic, and that food is making my mouth water!

  9. space bags...genius! And petting a kangaroo is on my bucket list!

  10. Ah space bags are SO smart! I wanna cuddle with a kangaroo!

  11. I've never used Space Bags before, but if I was in your possession, I WOULD!

    And look at Swaff with those precious kangaroos! Ahhhh! Love!

    Oh, and happy travel day! :-) Love you, BSM!


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