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09 May 2012

Humor is very important to me.
It's one of the best ways to connect with another person.
If we have the same sense of humor, there's a very good chance we'll be friends.

I love witty humor.
I love raunchy humor.
I love the-more-dirty-and-over-the-top-the-better humor.

So I thought I'd share some things that make me laugh,
and you can decide if we pass the 'friend test.'

In no particular order...

The Honey Badger video
Anything Chris Rock

Some e-cards

The Hangover
Sour Shoes from The Howard Stern show
Kenny Powers

funny internet photos

There are also certain bloggers that I find hilarious.
And if I think your blog is funny?
I will stalk you until you agree to become my internet bff.
With that being said, let me introduce you to my internet bff friend, Michelle.
Not only is her blog ridiculously funny,
she has a super hot boyfriend that I drool over.
Oh, and she's pretty good looking herself.

When Emily asked me for a write-up on my blog,
I had to take a few moments to ponder.
What can I say?
I'm not married, I'm not a pet owner, nor am I with child.
I can't share a special recipe, unless it involves opening a microwave door,
nor can I teach you a crafty DIY project, unless you'd like it to look like that of a 5 year old's work.
Oh, and I'm not Mormon.

So what could I possibly have to blog about??
Here are some things you may come across:

1. My Korean father, whom I lovingly refer to as "Fasha," and his new Korean wife whom I not-so-lovingly call "Princess Sophia," often make an appearance after their many Asian happenings.

2. My loving man, who is known as V Dizzle, The Dizz, or V (depending on my mood that day) will often grace blog posts with our San Diego adventures.
(He's not bad on the eyes, either.)

3. You'll probably hear more about running than you'd ever care to.
But promise, once this marathon is over (in less than 6 weeks!) you'll never have to hear it again. Trust me, I'm sick of it too.

4. And sometimes (usually once a month) my alter ego, Crazy Connie, will grace you with her presence.

You get a little piece of it all.
It's truly a win-win here. 

{Michelle's best "asian" look}

Though I'm still fairly new with this whole blogosphere thing,
I've come to meet some really great people, including Emily
(Cue the tears and Awww's).
And I can't wait to meet more of you soon!




  1. Two things...

    You pass & thank you for the new blog that I JUST HAVE TO FOLLOW!! The chick is cray cray.

  2. That chick up there ^^ just said cray cray.

    Someone's a lil' cray cray...

    I'm so glad you introduced me to Michelle. And now that I've seen her vlog (and died laughing) I'm even happier!

    I cannot wait to see your tall, beautiful self on Friday! We can snuggle on those lounge things!


  3. Hahaha, love this.

    I too battle to define my little blog - I'm not a DIY/ crafts type of person, I do not cook or bake, I have no kids (I don't even have a man or a decent LOVE STORY) so you are one up on me there!

    Love your blog and I'm off to check out Emily's now!

  4. I love Michelle, for pretty much the same reasons as you =)

  5. I haven't read her blog in awhile, but I need to get back to it!

  6. I love Michelle's blog! I was sad when I realized she was in Korea this week. But I have to say, I cannot wait for stories about Fasha and Princess Sophia. They are going to be epic.

    Your sense of humor matches mine. We can totally be internet BFF.

  7. Joy just introduced me to both you and Michelle. I cannot believe I've gone this long without finding you guys.

    I'm in witty, sarcastic, heaven.

    I would cry, but I don't think my body is capable of producing tears.

  8. Well, I had a comment all typed out but then the power & internet went out for the last 2 hours & it disappeared. Nevertheless, I just wanted to say your humor leans toward the masculine side, while mine is more mean-girl sarcasm. Little less potty, little more cat-fight. ha!

    I'm off to check out Michelle's blog now.

  9. You're right. Just from the blurb I can tell she's hilarious. And pretty. I love to laugh myself. People tell me I'm funny and it embarrasses me. I think I lost a bet with my husband that no girl would find Kenny powers funny. If you tell me you like game of thrones I've lost again. Here's to laughter!

  10. This made me LOL, especially the last picture. Can't wait to read more from Michelle

  11. Are you Howard Stern fan? If so I am not telling my husband because he will then want to correspond with you about all things Howard.

    I have a sense of humour, I think. Mostly it's self-deprecating. At least it's not self-defecating. I try to be witty - but it's just not that quick. But they way to my heart is wit. My previous Dr. was Dr. Witty. She wasn't very funny.

    Anyhow this was a great intro to a new blog. Do I follow it already? I never know. Isn't that like a blogger sin or something?

    Am I rambling?


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