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Bon Voyage

31 May 2012

As I sit on this wicker couch, in shorts and flip flops, hearing the sounds of flowing water nearby,
I'm happy to say that the Big Adventure has begun.  I started this post as a draft several weeks ago, and as I read it now, I cannot help but laugh.  I planned to post this the day before we left, and I wrote that I was feeling "excited and adventurous."  Pffffffhhhhhh.

I guess that's what I get for trying to draft a post so far in advance.  Let me tell you how I really felt.

I completely underestimated how emotional I would feel, how much work it would be, and how difficult it would be to juggle a house guest, wrapping up work, packing, and cleaning.  J and I spent the last three days fighting with each other, then barely talking--I was upset that he didn't do enough to help and wasn't being emotionally supportive.  I'm still not exactly sure why he was upset.  Stress, I guess.

The cleaning was a one-step-forward-two-steps-back process.  I cleaned one area, and noticed two other areas that were dirty.  It was time consuming and frustrating.  I also felt like the burden of organizing and packing fell completely on my shoulders.  My husband couldn't do anything without asking me questions first, because he didn't understand my packing system.

Nevertheless, we made it, and I suppose that is what's important.  We said goodbye to Sydney, hopped aboard a plane, and made it to Hamilton Island (Great Barrier Reef.)  With each passing hour, I could feel the stress and burdens of the previous weeks melting away.  And while I don't feel completely carefree {yet}, the harmony and fun in my life has been successfully restored.

Hamilton island aerial view {via}

Rather than attempt to schedule 60 days of guest posts,
{I think that's what they call Blogger Hell},
I decided to create some short, little
Fun Facts about Emmy June.

So while I hope to blog-as-I go,
and use this space as a travel journal of sorts,
I also anticipate many days where that's not practical.
We'll have days in transit,
days without internet,
and days where I simply want to immerse myself in the experience.

On those days,
you'll get a "Fun Fact About Emmy June" post.

I hope y'all were serious about wanting to
"live vicariously" through me on this adventure,
because we're in this together, peeps.
You're coming along with me--like it or not!

In case you've forgotten, here's our itinerary:

June 1-5, Hamilton Island, Australia (Great Barrier Reef)
June 6-13 Bali
June 14-28 Vietnam
June 28-30 Taiwan
July 1-6 Okinawa, Japan
July 7-21 New Zealand (North & South Islands)

Bon Voyage!


  1. I know those feelings! Between job hunting, wrapping up my job, planning the wedding, packing, apartment hunting, and saying goodbye to friends and family, I felt like I was stretched so thin. But emerging on the other side felt so nice! And luckily for you, the "other side" is the Big Adventure!

    I'm going to miss you so much while you're gone, but I'm looking forward to your posts, fun facts and all! Love you, BSM!

  2. Aweee poor you!! Going through all that stressing stuff to tie all loose ends! At least you and the hubby made it through and can now really immerse yourself in the Big Adventure! I can't wait to follow you along on this incredible journey! And learn more about you in between! :)

  3. WOW that sounds SO awesome... I wanna come... and seriously why can't boys just 'get' the system! NIGHTMARE... I feel you. Have fun. Love Elle xo

  4. YAY it's finally made it :)
    So excited for you, girl!

    Can't wait to see/read all about it!
    Because I WILL be living through you.


  5. Love Hamilton Island! Love the Whitsundays! Enjoy it all - an opportunity of a lifetime :)

  6. Moving is stressful & definitely x100 when you are moving internationally.. so I totally empathize. I'm looking forward to your little updates, Emmy. Have the time of your life!

  7. Have so much fun and just try to remember to STAY PRESENT and enjoy the moment because it'll be over before you know it! :)


  8. Wicker couch. Sounds amazing. Glad your great big journey is at last begun!

  9. Haha Girl...I feel ya on the whole packing and one step forward two steps back! I hate packing with a passion! But you already know that ;) Haha I can't help but laugh that you'd get frustrated with the hubs having to ask you where you want certain things! I am the same way!! I am dead. serious. about living vicariously through you woman! So I am freaking STOKED to hear all about your adventures! I have never been out of the U.S. sad, I know. Anyways! Travel safely and enjoy the journey!!! :)

  10. I am so excited for you! This is going to be such a exciting adventure. I absolutely cannot wait to see your pics and hear all about it.

  11. Oh, have a amazing time in Hamilton Island - we went there and LOVED IT! You will totally unwind and forget the stress of packing in no time. Hope you swim the GBR and see some neat stuff. I did a post on NZ south island here if you want any tips.

    Have a ball!


  12. EMMY! I can totally relate. I felt the same way when we packed up to move to the Caribbean - I remember being so moody and irritated from stress, and I would ask my sweet husband to help pack and he literally had to ask me questions about every single thing to the point that I wanted to scream! I think we just get stuff done and have such a system that they are really just lost {and can't read our minds?!?}. Haha...

    I'm sorry it has been overwhelming, but I'm so excited that you're leaving it all behind and slowly feeling all the stress dissipate! I am so excited for you and cannot wait to hear all about your travels and learn fun facts about Emmy June!

  13. What an amazing trip... absolutely gorgeous! I hope you are able to take it all in, relax, unwind and enjoy!

  14. I, for one, was totally serious about living vicariously! That pic is so beautiful. I'm glad you are getting back to some happy times. :)


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