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10 May 2012

April 25th was ANZAC Day,
a National holiday in Australia and New Zealand,
to commemorate the fallen soldiers,
who died in Gallipoli, Turkey in 1915.

There are several traditions for ANZAC Day,
the first of which is to make anzac biscuits,
just as the wives sent their solider husbands so long ago.

So to fully partake in the Aussie traditions,
my friend Steph and I made some bikkies in the morning.

Anzac Biscuits
1 cup flour
1 cup desiccated coconut
1 cup whole oats
3/4 cup brown sugar

125g butter
2 Tbps water
2 Tbps golden syrup
1 tps baking soda

They turned out delicious!
Buttery, coconuty, chewy deliciousness.

The second ANZAC tradition stems from the games
the soldiers played in the trenches.
They would gamble on heads or tails,
and flip 3 coins simultaneously.

The game is called two-up,
and it's only played once a year on ANZAC day.
The bars that are attached to RSL (Returned Servicemen League) clubs
host the two-up,
and foolish folks like ourselves go to gamble and drink!

There's no house money in two-up,
so you just place bets (of any amount $5+) with a person nearby.
If you're betting heads, you hold the money.

Pandemonium near the betting ring
the girl holding the wooden thing is the "spinner" for this round...she flips the coins
a guy who's $5 I won
as the night wore a different bar...clearly people were indulging in some beverages

more betting fierceness

In conclusion,
if ANZAC Day and USA's Veteran's Day had to compete,
in a head-to-head matchup,
the score {in my opinion} would be:
ANZAC Day 340,803,023 -- Veteran's Day 2
This holiday was so much fun!
And at the same time, there is certainly an aspect of remembrance,
and a desire to honor the fallen soldiers.
It's the perfect blend of commemoration & celebration.
It's kind of like the really fun, happy-go-lucky person who dies,
and everyone at the funeral has no choice but to tell jokes,
and remember the good times,
because that's what their friend would have wanted.

Happy ANZAC Day, friends!
{better late than never, right.}


  1. I literally learn more about being Australian by reading your blog than actually just being an Australian.

    I'm going to miss you so much ha, purely for the fact that you're so informative!

    I also need to talk to you about May 27!

  2. Is that a nose hoop that I see?!

    I couldn't even finish reading the post, because I had to scroll down and tell you that right away haha!

    Going to finish reading now :)

  3. Gahhhh - I loved Anzac Day when I was living in Australia. Two Up may be the best pub game. Ever. It also may go down as one of the most debaucherest (not a word...until now) days of my life! Thank you for making me miss that wonderful, wonderful country!

  4. I have a few thoughts to share about this post:

    1. I'm jealous that even when you're just baking and totally casual, YOU ARE SO GORGEOUS. What the flip?! Too cool.

    2. I want one of those bikkies! They look so good!

    3. That looks like an all-out party which is totally rad. However, it looks like they need a Times Square NYE clean-up crew.

    4. How do you even figure our Veterans Day even gets 2 points compared to ANZAC? Consolation prize? It must be the part about remembrance, right? Because our Veterans Day, and even Memorial Day, don't compare to that!

  5. Absolutely adore reading your posts! I feel like I always learn something new.

    Great pictures as well!

  6. this looks like a blast!! and those cookies? get in my mouth! yum!

  7. That looks like such a blast.

    PS - I love that you are wearing a Michigan State sweatshirt!

  8. Cookies, games, & drinking?? Sounds like ANZAC Day is way more fun!

  9. Yes. This beats the pants off veterans day. It looks like quite the bash. Thanks for teaching me something new today!!

  10. That sounds like so much fun. When you come back to the states you better bring some of these traditions with you. It is so cool you are able to experience them!

  11. What a great celebration! And look at you, gone all Aussie on us by providing a recipe with 'grams' :)

  12. Happy Late ANZAC Day!! We had SO much fun celebrating when I was there...looks like you did too! :)


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