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Acne, Oil, and Shaving...Oh My!

03 May 2012

Dear bloggers,
Let's take over the blogosphere for one day,
to share a cause that's near to our hearts.
It can be something you donate time or money to,
or just a cause you feel inspired by.
Link-up to spread the word,
and you could win $50 for your charity!

please click to learn about the link-up
Thursday, May 17th!

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  1. K girl- you, my friend are adorable!! Loving all of your picks- especially the Intuiton! I still remember Jewel in that commercial- haha. You all are so good at vlogging- I have a lot to learn!! Happy weekend! :)

  2. Okay girl, you are so cute! and SO pretty!

    I am a HUGE promoter of ProActive -started using it last year and my skin is perfectly clear after years of struggling with acne!

    I'm going to try those razors, sounds amazing!
    Need that. And I love that you live in Australia - going to start reading your blog, love it!

  3. ha seriously soooo love this ha! love proActive as well and i def need to get on those razes! sounds amazing! ps super cute blog!

  4. Hi Emily!
    You are so gorgeous.
    I looove those oil sheets too!
    And I use the Venus version of those razors... they're really great.

    The Flaunt Your Cause thing sounds fantastic! I'm going to do my best to remember to join in!

  5. emily!!i LOVEd watching this =) it was so nice to see/hear you.. and im like you, was not blessed with Good skin at all.. so thanks so much for the tips in skin care (especially the oil wipey things...) --gotta check that out.

  6. Hey girl, first time visiting your blog! Loved your vlog and I love all of those products. That razor is theeee best. I remember when I first used it I was like, what worked so well I was shocked. lol :)

  7. GIRLLL you are a natural at vlogging for sure!
    GET IT!

    I love those blotting sheets! I carry those things around with me everywhere!


  8. I can't watch the video yet because I am at work and well I don't think everyone else (esp. my boss) want to hear it too and I might get in a little trouble. But I am loving the fact of everyone spreading their news about volunteering and making the world a better place cannot wait to participate on the 17th (:

  9. I carry those oil-absorbing sheets everywhere. SO good! Definitely need to check out the razors!

  10. i totally need to get some of those sheets! you look amazing, beautiful skin!

  11. You gorgeous woman, you!

    And way to plug FYC! Had I not made the hasty decision to record a vlog late last night, I probably would have remembered to do the same. :-/


  12. FAVORITE razors!! Love them! Stopping by from the link-up. Loved your vlog!

  13. Why hello there gorgeous! Yes yes yes I am all about the intuition razors! They are my absolute favorite and I never use anything else. The Flaunt your cause link up sounds like such a great idea! You are so sweet!!

  14. Do you work for proactive or something??!! To be honest I have never used it - but I have heard that it really does work.

    I used to use those oil paper things - but they started making my face even more oily...what's that about???

    p.s. I am linking up a cause!

  15. I just found your blog and I really like it. Freat products! I'll have to give the razors a try. I really like the May 17th linkup theme. I'm your new follower. Loved your blog. would love a visit when you can

  16. Gosh those blue sheets have been around forever! I have the opposite problem of my skin being too dry tho, so they don't do much for me. I am SO EXCITED about the Flaunt your Cause linkup. I read about it last week on Lindsay's blog. I'm involved with a few different charities and cannot wait to share one of them with y'all!

  17. You are such a good speaker! I hardly heard an "um" in there. Totally agree about the pre-soaped razors. I use the Venus version with the gel instead of the soap & love it. Worth every penny!

  18. totally need to try out those oil sheets! i have such long days and it's so humid here in va. thanks for the tip!

    found you via the link up!

  19. Hi! I'm visiting (late) from the girl behind the blog link up! I really liked your tips. I use the oil sheets too and they are awesome! Thanks and I'm excited to get to know you!
    Alesha <3


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