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Tasty Cheese, Anyone?

30 April 2012

Being close to the grocery store has it's perks.
It's our first time living such a short walk away,
and we take full advantage.
{translation: instead of meal planning, we go to the store
at least once, if not multiple times per day.}

So yes, it's handy if you're a terrible meal planner.
And it's also handy when I decide I want to take YOU
grocery shopping with me.

Yes, you.

Don't you think it's fun to visit another country,
and see what they sell,
and how much they sell it for?

Thought so!

Australians love rocquette.  They pronounce it 'rocket',
and it's in every salad you'll find here.

As if it wasn't universally known,
or featured in the song Down Under,
Australians love vegemite.
And no one else does.
Because it tastes gross.
So then they tell you to try Promite instead,
and it's still gross.

Some items are the same as you'd find the USA,
but with a different name.
Cilantro is called coriander.

And squash is called pumpkin.
I love squash...but I don't appreciate it being called pumpkin.
Menus never distinguish what type of pumpkin they're using,
so sadly, you might be expecting some delicious butternut pumpkin,
and end up with a tasteless variety.
This ultimately results in my disappointment and general crankiness.

Tim Tam biscuits {cookies} are the bees knees.
Aussies should definitely be proud of these chocolately, crunchy delights.

Oh, and TeeVee snacks.
They are the equivalent of a more crackery Kit-Kat.
{aka crack}
I might hold the record for fastest consumption of an entire box.

J sent me to the store to buy him bacon one time.
Thankfully, as I was walking out the door, he said,
"heads up that it looks like ham."

If you say granola, people get confused.

For a country that loves coffee so much,
they sure do sell a lot of freeze-dried coffee.
And it tastes like crap.

I still don't like them.  Even with the rebranding.

A quick peek into the candy isle. 

Need new deodorant?
I hope you like aerosol.
Good luck finding regular deodorant in Oz.

Ladies, is it that time of the month?
Have fun with your non-applicator tampons.
Oh yes, my friends, it's standard fare in Oz.

Want something a little gamey for dinner?
Try a kangaroo steak.
It's gourmet game.

They sell weird cream cheese fusions.
In addition to Tomato Chutney,
I've also seen Mango Chutney fusion.

Perhaps the funniest thing in Australia....
all of the cheese is called Tasty.
No cheddar, no colby jack, no Kraft singles.
You get to choose between the following:
Tasty Light
Extra Tasty
So Extra Tasty Light

It pretty much all tastes the same.
And, ironically, isn't that tasty.

And, lastly, if you're going shopping in Oz,
be prepared for sticker shock.
Everything is 50-100% more expensive.
And yes, that's $11.95 for a pint of B&J's.

I hope you enjoyed our little shopping trip.
Did anything surprise you?


  1. Wow, your Ben and Jerry's is way more expensive than in the U.K.! If I can catch it on sale, it's actually comparable to U.S. prices. Are sultanas all raisins there? Here the dark ones are raisins, the golden ones are sultanas. I don't like either, either. Also- chewy granola bars are called "flapjacks" here- I try to tell people flapjacks are cowboy-campfire pancakes- which DOESN'T mean crepes, but... lost in translation. Great post!

    1. Flapjacks are the same thing as pancakes and hotcakes. It's a regional thing. But you are right, they are not crepes lol. I'm 52 and have never had a crepe although I would love to try them but I love pancakes/hotcakes/flapjacks lol.

  2. I cried I laughed so hard.

    AND! I'd like to say, we do indeed have Kraft singles and a whole lot of other cheese besides Tasty cheese. I can attest to this as the cheese part of grocery shopping is my favourite and my forte.

    Everything else was so correct and so sad and so hilarious. I'm ashamed and proud and I LOVE your Australian posts.

    I'm gonna read it again! X

  3. I don't know if I could do it! I live on Ben and Jerry's--I'd go broke! And, cheese is probably my favorite food, I can't believe they only have 3 options! Haha, what are you most looking forward to eating back in the states?

  4. Lol seriously this might be one of my favorite posts of yours ever! The Tampons? For real?! Yikes! And does the aerosol deoderant work??

    I think I would stl probably pay $11 for Ben & Jerry's though. So sad.


  5. Awesome post!!

    A lot of surprises!!

    That candy (and those cookies for that matter) look DA BOMB!!!

    Does the bacon taste like bacon?

    The cheese thing would totally bum my husband I won't be sharing that little tidbit. He's a cheese freak! My little boy, too.

    Really cool post. Thanks for sharing!! : )

  6. I bet they would say the same thing about some of our stuff in the US! So funny. No aerosol deodorant for me- I'd probably hit myself in the eye with it!

  7. My favorite Aussie thing? That peppers are capsicum. I have to give my Aussie international staff a lesson on that, or they confuse the people at Subway the first few times.

    And the tampon applicator thing is suuuuper common. I think the U.S. is where applicators are the norm and everywhere else they're not. I actually learned to use them sans applicators so I wouldn't be so freaked out next time I went abroad and needed some. Also, bonus: they're cheaper and more environmentally friendly!

    And yes, vegemite is nasty. I've tried it....4 or 5 times. Every Aussie I've met is convinced I haven't tried it the right way. So they make it "their" way. Aaannd, it's still gross.

  8. What an interesting post!!!
    1. I agree with you on Tim Tams. I've had them once and they were INCREDIBLE.
    2. cheese = tasty? random. but accurate.
    3. sad about the aerosol deodorant and non-applicator tampons. I prefer the USA kind.
    4.Crazy how 'raisin' is changed but not 'bran'? and it's apparently 'very high in fibre' :)
    5. now I crave ben&jerrys.

  9. Dude - EXPENSIVE ice cream!

    I loathe vegemite. What's wrong with them?!

    And it's always my fav to check out the candy, potato chips and yogurt - always unique flavors when you go to a different country!

  10. Ah, I love this! Had a fun time navigating the grocery stores in the UK when I was there. And I agree with them--all cheese is tasty!--but I would miss the variety.

  11. That was so fun. My husband and I have an odd fascination with grocery stores and always like to stop at them when we are out of town. Some day when we are independently wealthy (ha ha) we want to go around the country and make the same meal (like pasta) and write a book about the cost, availability of ingredients, etc. I like that all cheese is tasty and almost freaked out at the price of ice cream. I'm sorry about your sad tampons. Ouch!

  12. I think we have Tim Tams in Los Angeles. I wonder if they're the same. I can't get over the cheese. So extra tasty is like sharp cheddar? That is so strange!

  13. I would cry if I had to spend that much for my Ben & Jerry's.

    Raisins = Sultanas? I kinda knew the other ones, but that one definitely threw me for a loop!

  14. I loved this! You definitely had and probably still have a learning curve. Bacon that looks like ham, cilantro that's not called cilantro? Haha. I'm interested..have you eaten the Kangaroo meat? I don't know if I could do it!

  15. Hilarious! What a great idea for a post. vegemite just sounds terrible, although the bacon looks much better!

  16. There must be more cheese than this so called Tasty cheese! There must! I don't know how an entire country can go without having the most amazing varieties offered to us. I don't think I could ever live in Australia if there wasn't!

    This was a fun post though! I'm so glad you took us grocery shopping with you! I would definitely frequent the candy and biscuit aisles. I don't know how i would deal with tampons without applicators. I did experience aerosol deodorant in the UK and it was not to my liking. I did know that cilantro was called coriander...i actually assumed that was the English translation from spanish lol. And I don't think I could ever try kangaroo meat. Then again, i've tried things before that i said i would never, so who knows!

  17. This totally had me cracking up! I don't know how you do it! I have a hard enough time grocery shopping in the US, and I can't believe the deodorant and tampon options- what a drag! I think the bacon makes up for it though! :)

  18. Oh my, everything was shocking!! I'm pretty sure I would get on Amazon to get regular tampons shipped to me!!! The sticker shock is ridiculous! My favorites were the Tasty cheese, kangaroo steak (have you tried this??), aerosol deoderant (wonder why they only have that, does it work any better than good ol regular deoderant?), freeze dried coffee what??, vegemite and its popularity, and the different names for squash and cilantro. I loved this post! Really awesome to get to see an aspect of another country without actually being there!

  19. Ahhhh - I miss Australia. TimTams are the best. Especially when you bite the corners on the diagonal and use it as a straw to drink milk. SO GOOD. I also love how they say aluminum.

  20. Ha, I love this post! Going to the supermarket when I am in a different country is one of my favorite things (especially checking out the candy isle). I have heard so many good things about Tim Tams! Yum.

  21. 1) it seems like its been forever since we've connected =)
    2) the kangaroo steak? really? have you ever tried it? omg.
    3)i tagged you in my post today...take it or leave

  22. It's all call tasty? That's just silly. Where's the variety?! Light and Extra Light don't count.

    And I forgot what meat at supermarkets looked like. Thanks for the reminder. ;-)

  23. Too funny. I'd probably eat a box of those chocolatey crack things too.

  24. This is such a fun idea! I love going to grocery stores in other countries, and totally felt like I just walked around the store with you! The un-tasty "tasty" cheese is cracking me up! And I love the Vegemite. Awesome post!

  25. HOLY MOLY that's an insane amount of money for Ben & Jerrys.

    Tam Tams- omg, best cookies in the world. <33 Melt in your mouth with coffee. I die.

    Vegemite - DISGUSTING. Idk how people eat it. *crazy*

    I have family that lives in Sydney- that's how I know some of this. :))

  26. I just found your blog, I live in Sydney too!

    Haha, this post is hilarious. We do indeed have more cheese than that. I don't know where you shop, but most places have heappps more than that. Especially Harris Farm supermarket.

  27. I just found your blog, I live in Sydney too!

    Haha, this post is hilarious. We do indeed have more cheese than that. I don't know where you shop, but most places have heappps more than that. Especially Harris Farm supermarket.

  28. haha. i've been to australia a few years ago and loved your post.
    what is it about their cheese? it's not even worth to be called cheese! (not to talk about their frozen pizza...) anyway... you use an applicator for tampons? what what? the us must be the only country in the world!? :)

    great and hilarious post!

  29. In Sweden we got work with tampons without applicators as idea why!?

    And I thought the US selection of cheese was crappy (sorry but Europe has the best cheese haha)

    But I loved the post! Going gorcery shopping is one of my favorite things to do when I travel to a new country. I might do a post like this about grocery shopping the Swedish way some day :)


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