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The Perks of Being a Wallflower

20 April 2012

Dear Mom, you are so talented!  Between knitting and sewing, you can whip up anything.  I look forward to having children, simply so you can make them cool stuff.  This hat you made for Jules? Amazing!

Dear Friends, I had so much fun with my Homebarrassment & Aussie Apartment Tour posts this week.  I hope you got a good laugh--because I know I did!

Dear Person Who Decorated This Room, thank you for being so awesomely creepy.  Your teddy bear collection, shiny window valence, and overstuffed furniture provided the perfect backdrop for my prank.  P.S. Do you live in Michigan? 

Dear Stephen Chbosky, thank you for writing such a great book!  I'm a total sucker for stream of consciousness writing.  I loved Charlie so much--I celebrated his 'highs' and wallowed in his 'lows'.  If I got a raw look into other people's lives the same way I got to see Charlie's, I know I would be a more compassionate person.  Thanks again...I'm a big fan.

Dear Katie, thanks for recommending said book.  You had me hooked when you said it was like Catcher in the Rye...and you were right :)

Dear Readers, you can also find me over at Clare's blog, C Squared W, sharing my tips for travel planning.  I'm currently planning our "big aventure", aka seven weeks of travel once we leave Australia, so I'm knee deep in travel planning at the minute.  Enjoy :)

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  1. Hi Emily!
    SO glad I found your blog today! I could tell I loved you by the fact that every "letter" you wrote I had a comment for! And as a fellow expat - well, ex-expat :) I love seeing what someone else's experience of life abroad is like. I lived in Istanbul, Turkey all last fall (my husband is Turkish...) and got addicted to expat blogs :)

    Also, as a high school English teacher, I have read PoBaW, and LOVVVVED it! I hadn't thought of it, but your friend is right - so much like Catcher in the Rye (also LOVVVE that one!). I might have to check back and see if you have recommended any other titles, I am in need of a new read!

    Again, so nice to "meet you" today - have a fantastic weekend!


  2. Ahhh!
    The Perks of Being a Wallflower was my favorite book in high school!

    I think you've swayed me to reread it now :)

    My book list just keeps growing and growing and growing....!

    Happy weekend...WOOT!

  3. whoa. That hat is incredible! :) love it!

  4. hey girlie! i saw you over on Fridays Letters and wanted to say i LOVE your blog!
    and i love your letters too!

    newest stalker! errr.. i mean follower ;)!!

    say hi back sometime?

  5. Such a good prank! Hopping over to Clare's now!

    Happy weekend, BBFF! Love you!

  6. Your mom is amazing!! That hat is DA BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm always looking for a good read, & I'll have to check it out...thanks for the suggestion!

  7. Wow 7 wks of travel! Amazing. I cant even go to the bathroom without kids pounding on my door!!

  8. LMAOOOO at your creep interior decorator note!! That looks like a grandma's living room!! Scurrrry kinda :/

    Your mama is sho nuff talented! Look at that hat!!


  9. Great blog! Australia is amazing, I studied abroad and got to spend 2 weeks in Sydney. Gorgeous! Anyway, love your blog! Newest follower!!!


  10. I love the shark hat! Too cute! :)

  11. I'm jealous of all your travel planning. I must convince my husband to take me somewhere ASAP so I can start planning too. :)


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