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Perfect Love

16 April 2012

Jeff and I had a very love filled weekend.  
You see, we had a wedding to attend!
Don't you just love weddings :)
I know I do!

In the spirit of not buying anything new that will add to the shizz we have to take back to the USA,
I scoured my closet and came up with this outfit for the wedding.
{If I had my full USA closet, I would have selected different footwear!}
Luckily, the weather was beautiful and summery!

The venue was the Mahratta School of Philosophy in Wahroonga.
It was a lovely, old brick building,
with an art deco interior.
And the grounds were beautiful :)

However, I'm not writing to talk about what I wore,
or how lovely the venue was.
I'm writing to talk about true love,
about love in it's most perfect sense.

You see, the wedding was for my dear friend Michael.
Four years ago, Michael was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease.
{This is what Stephen Hawking has.}
It's a degenerative disease with no cure.
Your mind stays perfectly in tact, 
but your brain & nerves in your body quit communicating.

First it's your hands.  Then you can't walk quite right.
Pretty soon you cannot use your limbs.
From there, the numbness moves up the body,
until you cannot chew or swallow well.
You'll have to get a feeding tube.
Before long, your speech will be significantly impaired.

The course of the disease is different for everyone.
However, there is no cure.
Patients often die when they lose diaphragm control 
and therefore stop breathing.

The handsome groom

So when I think about Joanna and Michael,
who met each other after Michael had been diagnosed,
I think about love in it's most pure sense.

The kind of love that grows 
in friendship,
in respect,
in pure soul admiration.

You see, Michael & Joanna don't know how long they'll have together.
They'll never know the intimacy most marriages enjoy.
They'll never communicate their love in the same words as the rest of us.
Michael can hardly speak anymore.

But their love is deeper than that.
Deeper than the skin.
Deeper than common interests.
Deeper than talking late into the night.
Deeper than spoken I love you's.

It's the kind of love that must be felt.
The kind that must be known somewhere deep in the soul.
It's a perfect, pure love.

We should all be so lucky as to know that kind of love.

As if that weren't enough love for one weekend,
my girlfriend Steph and I had a girl's night
where we watched The Notebook.

I'd never seen The Notebook before.
{I'll pause while you gasp in shock and horror.}
And while I'm not one for chick flicks,
I must admit, it was a beautiful love story.
The story of a love that withstood the test of time.

We should all be so lucky 
as to know that kind of love.


  1. Now I am an emotional mess on a Monday morning. That story is beautiful. There is something to be said about love like that. It's amazing. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. That's such a sweet story and they sound like an amazing couple. Thanks for sharing xo

  3. This is such an amazing story! I got a bit teary but I got my ish together long enough to type this comment you'll be pleased to know. Sounds like a really lovely weekend :) glad you enjoyed it! X

  4. The disease is also known as Lou Gehrig's disease (or ALS) and it is just heartbreaking.

    A friend of mine is engaged to somebody who was diagnosed with this exact same thing nearly 10 years ago. He still proposed to her a couple years ago regardless of his condition. And I definitely got a little teary eyed when I heard that news just like I did with this post!

    But as heartbreaking as it is, it's so incredible to hear love stories like these.


  5. What a crazy/amazing/beautiful story. I got a little sappy reading it awwwwww...

    And I am not gonna lie..I did actually GASP when I read you haven't seen The Notebook. Jigga whaaaa? WATCH IT! :)


  6. I am sitting here at my desk at school almost crying. That is true love. What a touching story of deep connection!

  7. This is an amazing love story. I wish them well!

    And I cant believe you hadnt seen the notebook. its a pretty good book and movie!!

  8. This story made me teary eyed. I'm so glad to know love like this exists :-) Thanks for sharing Em.

  9. that's an amazing story. the unsaid love sometimes is the deepest and purest love you can find. that's totally a beautiful story

  10. Way to bring the tears on a Monday morning! That really is a beautiful story, and a good reminder that we've got to accept love in any form it comes to us, because all love is precious.

  11. How beautiful! This reminded me of a wedding spotlight I read last month:

    TEAR. JERKER. In real life! So beautiful. To know love of that magnitude is amazing. We should all be so lucky. And then watch The Notebook on top of that would just tug at my heart even more! I'll admit, I'm such a sucker for romance, in general. Is it possible to be in love with love?

  12. What an amazing story! Blessing to them both!

  13. Now I'm all teary eyed & sitting in a room full of people! Such a beautiful story. You are right, "We should all be so lucky as to know that kind of love."

  14. what a sweet story. love your pink dress! Glad I found your blog! and by the way you have a fabulous name lol

  15. This post made me cry. I am so in love with it. It makes me truly cherish my own marriage, but also I feel bad for every time I've been judgmental toward a relationship or marriage because each one is different. Love is found in so many places. So beautiful!

  16. Your friends sound like two truly wonderful people.

    Don't worry, I've seen the Notebook, but not a ton of other chick flicks people always talk about.

  17. I love hearing real love stories like this one. So inspiring.

  18. the place is beautiful~
    i wish all good things to them!<3

  19. Awww...(sniffle). That's me crying that you've never seen the Notebook until now.
    Kidding. Loved the post. Beautiful wedding :)

  20. sooo amazing.. talk about a pure love, not based on what so many ppl first base "love" on...thanks girl... this was inspiring..

  21. Oh my goodness what a beautiful and sweet story. Wow.

    What an honor to witness such a meaningful and loving wedding

  22. Wow what an incredible love story. You wrote this beautifully. Thank you for sharing.

  23. aww.. how lucky of them. now not to ruin the sentimental mood, that's a cute dress! where is it from?


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