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03 April 2012

1.  There's no TTD scheduled this week.  Many of you have expressed an interest in sharing a vacation with us, but have yet to return your write-up to me.  If you're looking around going "who? me?" then take a deep breath, acknowledge your procrastination, and get to work on your TTD guest post.  ;)

If you're interested in doing a guest feature of the Tuesday Travel Diaries series, please email me at emmyjuneborninmay(at)gmail(dot)com.  You can also look here to see past editions and get ideas.

2. I made this fancy collage from a bowling outing with friends the other week; however, there never seemed to be a good time to share it.  Also, the website I was using to make the collages keeps duplicating one photo {arghhhh} even though there are enough originals for all the slots.

Does anyone have a good program for making photo collages?

In Australia you have to say ten-pin bowling, otherwise the assumption is that you're going lawn bowling.  Personally, I think my lack of white hair and a perm should be a dead giveaway that I'm not going lawn bowling, but whatevs.

3.  J and I leave early tomorrow morning to fly to Brisbane.  From there, we are taking a ferry to North Stradbroke Island, for 4 days of beach camping.  I love that Easter is a 4-day holiday here, and many people take the entire week off work.

Also, did I mention there's no showers or toilets where we're camping?  Literally, we're just setting up camp on a stretch of beach.  Supposedly, the friends we are going with have experience in creating a make-shift outhouse.  I'm not sure which part sounds worse to me.

4.  I bought a few new nose rings, based on the recommendation of Deanna from Delirious Rhapsody.  Trying out the gold ring.  It's been years since I've worn a ring instead of a stud.

5.  If you missed my previous posts about blogging advice, it's being shared at The Blog Tap.  This website is a blogger's dream for tips, how-to's, and advice to make your blog rock.


6.  And lastly, my blog reached 100 followers today!  Thank you all for giving me a warm welcome into the blogging community.  You totally blew away my expectations.  Not only do I have 100+ followers, but so many of you take the time to leave such thoughtful comments.  I love the feedback, advice, and encouragement I receive from you.


  1. Congrats on 100 followers! And, I love the nose ring-wish I had the guts to get one myself!

  2. Great on you for hitting the big 100. I enjoy your blog and appreciate the honesty that write with. Keep it up. And thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts with The Blog Tap.

  3. 100 followers?! GET IT GIRL.

    And I think the nose ring looks fabulous on you.
    AND what the heck is lawn bowling?! haha!


  4. I love you, BSM!

    And you're such a bad-ass with that nose ring.

    And is lawn bowling the same as bocce ball? (Not that I know how to play that either...)

    And good luck with your make-shift outhouse during your camping trip! I'm sickeningly intrigued as to how that works. Am I weird? Probably...

  5. personally, lawn bowling looks pretty effing awesome to me and I DO hope you partake in that action before you leave.

  6. 3. are you gonna dig a hole and go potty in it? S and i have been watching survivor and i always wonder where and how they go to the bathroom..these are the things that keep me up at night.

  7. Yay! Congrats on reaching 100+ followers :) You go, girl! Cannot wait to hear all about your beach camping trip... how amazing! I would love to do something like that! Also, that photo of lawn bowling cracked me up!

  8. congrats on 100! and yikes, im the WORST at getting guest blogs to other people... seriously, im a total schmuck when it comes to that!! :)

  9. You're so dreamy.

    I love that you're going to experience an outhouse. I love that I'm Australian and have never had to make one. True story: When I was 10, we had to make one out of pottery for our art class. It's about 10cm high, glazed and lives in my kitchen. I might email you a picture and see how it compares to your real one ha!

    Have heeeeaps of fun in Brisbane! X

  10. Hello lady, I just came across your blog from The Blog Tap. I really liked reading your advice and did a few things I wasn't already doing. NOT the music thing... that shit is blogicide. Anyway... I am enjoying your blog and I am wowed that you have made over 100 friends in only 60 days. You make me feel like an under-achiever #storyofmylife

    Love Elle xo

  11. Beach Camping is way fun! Don't worry about the potty situation.. you will figure it out ;) Hope you have a blast!

  12. I never even knew there was such thing as lawn bowling! I would make so many word mistakes if I ever went to Australia.

  13. word up to 100! You're now officially internet famous. Well at least on the d list. It's better than no list - right? I think your blog has come a long way and has so much potential. Keep it up and keep on keepin' it real.


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