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My Mind's Still on Vacation

09 April 2012

Thank you, Australia, for giving us Easter Monday.  Now if only I could hop down to Tasmania in time to enjoy Easter Tuesday.  But alas, tomorrow I must face the realities of the real world.

Therefore, tomorrow you can expect some pictures and words about our camping trip.

Today I'm still too lazy.

And I took advantage of the nice weather & small swell to go for a surf.
It's now 6:50pm and I'm hopping in bed to watch some episodes of Game of Thrones with the hubby.
Ahhhh, holidays.


  1. I've been wanting to start watching Game of Thrones! Is it as amazing as I've been hearing it is?!

  2. Welcome home from your camping trip! And you are a badass with all that surfing. Seriously, I'm so impressed!

  3. Look at you with that surfboard, get it girl :-)

    And Brandon and I are obsessed with Game of Thrones! He read all of the books and said so far they are following them to a T.

  4. Ah look at that surf board and beach! Lucky girl! Enjoy your holiday lady. Apparently my school didn't recognize Easter Monday this year. I had an exam at 9am :S Yuck.

  5. Dominica celebrates Easter Monday too! Funnily, the grocery store was open on Easter, but closed today!

    I'm *acquiring* Game of Thrones as we speak. Since we finished Dexter, Chris & I need a nightly show to watch again. I've only heard good things!

  6. my mind is still on vacation as well.. havent got much done today. oh well.. back to the full grind tomorrow. blah.

  7. Looks like a nice time was had over the weekend!
    I am loving GOT season 2 already. I ordered the DVD of Season 1, even though I have them all on my DVR still... I want to see the "extras"!

  8. Hi there! Love the pics
    Have you seen any of your friends doing the photo a day challenge? I am participating for the first time this month and I'm loving it!
    I am going to be doing my own photo a day challenge for May for people to do! Be sure and visit my blog and do it too!!! Tell your friends!


  9. Word up to Easter Monday. Normally I would have celebrated but instead I resisted the urge to nap to fight off jet lag.

    But seriously - I am super impressed that you can surf. Or are at least learning to. Let's see some videos soon ;)

  10. Damn you and your Ozzy holidays! Jealous!

    AND... I'M SO EXCITED WE GOT TO SKYPE LAST NIGHT (well, night to me)!


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