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04 April 2012

One of my bloggy BFF's, and first blogger to meet in real life, Jasmine, asked me to share some thoughts on what inspires me.

Several weeks ago, Aunie from Aunie Sauce, shared a hairstyle she learned from another blogger.
Not just any hairstyle.
A method of achieving curls without a curling iron or curlers.
Have I mentioned how much my husband loves it when I curl my hair?
Have I mentioned how much I despise curling hair?

So naturally, when I read about this technique, I was pretty geeked.  You can read it for yourself here.

"Pre-Curls" from the back
"Pre-Curls" from the front. Be jealous of this awesome look.  My hubby loves it.
After!  This was about 45 minutes later, plus hair spray

After from the back
These curls were totally, completely, 100% blogger inspired.

Want to know more about what inspires me?  Head over to Jasmine's blog to find out!


  1. I've tried this before!
    Except I put it in the night before, when my hair is almost dry from the shower, and take them out in the morning.

    (Side note - My boyfriend tells me it's my grandma hair.)

    It works wonders! (Except I usually have to fix up a couple of peices from tossing and turning while I sleep)

  2. I don't see that endeavor being successful for me. My hair is a piece of work. I will stick with me top knot/messy bun. Ha!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. ooo, la la! Very pretty Em!

  5. I can't wait until my hair is long enough to try thissss!
    Love Aunie Sauce :)


  6. Wow your hair looks so pretty! I saw this tutorial but I'm thinking my hair is still too short. Now I really want to let it grow if I know I can get curls that easily!

  7. Aunie tried to convince me to do this with my hair, but I already know that it will be a hot mess. My hair isn't as naturally smooth and fine as hers or yours! But it looks beautiful on you!

    I'm jumping over to Jasmine's blog now!


  8. Ha! In the main picture on my blog, my hair is wrapped up like this! :) I love it!!
    Sleeping on it like that overnight makes it crazy curly too.

    And pretty much the only way I'll curl my hair now these days...due to sheer laziness, of course.

  9. beautiful hair in the first photo...great job!

  10. Super cute hari! I love this method. It totally works on my thick hair too. I'll put it up after a night shower, tie a cloth around my head, and by morning will have fab curls.

  11. I must try this. Yours look so pretty!

  12. Okay, those curls are just awesome :) Your hair looks so pretty! My hair does not curl easily (it's really fine), but I think it's worth a try...


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