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17 April 2012

There's one celebrity I get compared to quite a lot.
Naturally, she's a more beautiful, better groomed version of myself.
So when Raven decided to host a doppelganger link-up, I happily agreed to participate.

However, I decided to do a little research to see if there were any other celebs that might be my true twin.  
Imagine my surprise when this is what MyHeritage thought:

And how creepy is that video!?!??!
So, I went a step further and checked out my "Top 8." Surely they would contain some better matches.

Seriously, My Heritage?!?!?  Lance Bass.  Lance freakin' Bass.  Oh no you di'nt.
I promise, peeps, I do not look like a gay boy band member in real life.

Okay, maybe I needed to try another site.
Here are my results from

Do I seriously look like a man?
And not even a hot man like Ryan Gosling or something.
Oh no, apparently I look like Robert Duvall or John Malkovich.
I'm starting to develop a complex here...haha.

In all seriousness though....
I do have a legit celebrity doppelganger.
Even if these cracked out websites don't see it.
Would you like to know who people think I look like????

Yup, that's right, I look like Anne Hathaway, minus the bright lipstick and eyebrow tint.
I'm pretty sure our resemblance has to do with the big, toothy smile.

Funny enough, I actually stood next to Anne in a bathroom line for {no joke} 20 minutes at a small music bar in Los Angeles.  We were there to see She&Him, so obviously Anne has excellent taste in music.

From that experience, I can say with precision that I'm exactly 8 feet taller than Anne Hathaway.  And that my hips are the size of her shoulders.  But aside from those minor differences...we do, in fact, bear a resemblance.

A Mommas Desires and Pacifiers

 Is there anyone else who should be my doppelganger?

Tell me yours :)


  1. This is too funny because I also hear that I look like Anne Hathaway all the time. It started to freak me out a little because strangers would come up to me and say "Hey, you look like that Princess Diaries girl??" Weird. I do not see any resemblance between her and me though.
    I think my heritage once told me that I look like a guy as well. Not cool, my heritage, not cool.

  2. hahahhah these are tooooo funnyy!!!

  3. Emily! This is hilarious! Those sites are absurd, you are gorgeous and obviously do not look like a man. Haha, I did that once and got similar manly results - meanwhile it said my 65 year old mother looked like Molly Sims. I think I almost cried, and that was the end of doppelganger websites for me. I totally see the Anne H. resemblance there, so pretty!

  4. I am rolling laughing right now...

    I'd take Lance Bass...

    I may or may not have been match up with Bow Wow (formerly known as Lil' Bow Wow)

    That site is WHACKADOODLE!!

  5. I did this once and it told me I looked like James Spader. JAMES Effin' SPADER! WTF?!!

    I was told yesterday that I have Kaley Cuoco's mouth (Penny from Bing Bang Theory). I'll take what I can get. It's better than James Spader.

  6. WTH!! That site is redonkulous!!!!! I am dying over John Malkovich!!!!

    But I totally see Amanda Bynes! Love it!!!

  7. I totally see Amanda Bynes & Anne Hathaway...
    What the heckkk lol

    that's why I've never done those stupid websites!
    BUT one of my good friends did it yesterday using a picture of me and she texted me my result..Paris Hilton...UM WHAT NO.



  8. We must have been separated at birth....Rob Schneider was also one of my matches haha - I can see Anne Hathaway for sure!

  9. So awesome, you do look like Anne Hathaway, but the Amanda Bynes morphing was pretty legit too!

    Too fun! Apparently I look like Hillary Clinton, Barry Williams, and Katie Holmes. I'll take Katie Holmes!

  10. Hahaha oh my god that second website is just completely absurd! Hahaha it's like the opposite of finding a doppelgänger! I could totally see Anne hathaway though! And yes the big pretty smile has a bit to do with it haha. Crazy that you actually got to stand next to her! Obviously that makes you automatic best friends. I have yet to find my doppelgänger. I will let you know the results!

  11. The second one made me laugh! but I can see Amanda and you deff look like Anne

  12. Hahaha I love the five men on picadilo. I got Rob Schneider there too! I'm taking that as a compliment to our good looks, since he was the star of The Hot Chick after all.

  13. Damn men! HAHA! I think your gorgeous!! I seem some Anne H in there!

    Looking forward to following your cute blog! Stopping in from Raven's hop!

    Kristine from TheFoleyFam - Unedited

  14. haha don't hate me, but i can kind of see the resemblance with lance bass!! anne hathaway is a much stronger match though :]

    thanks for stopping by my blog!


    "dave chappelle" haha

  15. Hahahaha it seems a bunch of us got men! Ronaldo keeps popping up. I def see Anne Hathaway!

  16. Hahahaha I got Boris Becker!!

  17. You do look like Anne Hathaway! I will always love her because of the "Princess Diaries" movie. I don't know who I look like...I may have to try one of those lookalike generators!

  18. So funny! That Ronaldo guy came up as Raven's too. Thank goodness you don't look like John Malkovich

  19. buahaha!!!!! The men! That happened to so many people! WTF is right! I SO see Anne Hathaway (obviously) and that Amanda Bynes video was seriously creepy. I couldn't even tell when it changed much! Good genes you have!!

  20. Wow, that Amanda Bynes video was sooo wild!! I can totally see it though! Not really seeing Lance Bass though! :)

  21. You do look like her!! But that Lance Bass did make me laugh out loud, too funny!

  22. What the heck was with the all-men results?! What the WHAT?! Bahahaha! Honey, you do NOT look like a man. You are, surely, a gorgeous woman!

    I'm bummed I didn't get to do the link-up, but really, I don't have a doppleganger. It's just Pocahontas and Dora, depending on the length of my hair. Both cartoons! SAD!

  23. P.S. I love that Anne Hathaway, Amanda Bynes, and Rachel McAdams were all in your results! All beautiful! Like you!

  24. Stopping by from the linky.. I think I'd rather look like a gay boy band member {lol} than an old man {which "supposedly" I do}

  25. oh yeah, & i totally see the anne hathaway comparison! You guys look a lot alike!

  26. From that pictures, I totally see Kat Deely from So You Think You Can Dance. She's gorgeous, as are you!

  27. I totally did this thing too and am mortified by my answers.

    I've always been told I look like Mandy Moore and Katie Holmes.

    Where where THEY when my results came in?? :(

  28. I think you look a lot like Christy Carlson Romano, actually. :)

  29. Wow! You really do look like Anne (yes, Anne and I are on a first name basis ha). I am a new follower to your blog and I'm having a blast reading it.

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