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An Invitation for Inspiration

26 April 2012

For the last three years, there's one thing I cannot seem to remove from my New Year's Resolution list.  And while I've been making the effort, I never quite feel like I've done enough.  Sure, I improved...but do I really feel like I can call it complete? Nope, not even close.

I know you guys are thinking 'cut to the chase and tell us what it is.'
Point well taken.  No need to drag this out.

That pesky New Year's Resolution?

To give back by donating my time and money to charity.

I do pretty well with donating money to various causes throughout the year...but where I tend to fall flat is the volunteering.  I find that so many organizations need a firm time commitment...and apparently I'm a commit-aphobe when it comes to that.  I worry that they'll rely on me, and I'll let them down with my unreliability.  I travel for work, the husband & I enjoy traveling, we have a social life, etc....which all adds up to an unpredictable schedule.

But then I see bloggers like my BBFF, Lindsay, and I'm so inspired by them.  Have you met her yet?  She's pretty awesome, for a variety of reasons, including all the things we have in common:
  • SoCal roots
  • vegetarianism
  • cradle-robber husbands
  • love of weird/creepy TLC shows
  • big, toothy smiles
  • uprooting our lives at exactly the same time
  • and the list goes on.....

Do you know what Lindsay and I don't have in common?
She's done WAY more volunteering than me.
Not only did she do two years of Americorps service, but she's done some other really amazing volunteering as well {I'd give you the deets but I don't want to steal her thunder!}

This got me thinking....

I bet so many of my favorite bloggers donate their time or money to charity, 
and I would love to know about it and feel inspired by it!

So, Thursday, May 17, 2012...three weeks from today...Lindsay and I invite YOU to come and show the blogging community what charity you support.  This is your opportunity to flaunt your cause, inspire other bloggers, and maybe even make some new friends.  All you have to do is follow both of our blogs, post a button anywhere on your blog, and create a post {or vlog} answering the following questions.  You'll only have to link up on one of the host's blogs, as our link-ups will be connected.  We really hope you join us.  You can grab the button below to put on your blog...and start spreading the word to your friends.  

Flaunt Your Cause Link-up
Tell us about your favorite charity.
What inspires you about the cause?
How do you donate your time or money to help?

Are you excited to join in?  I thought so!

To make you even more excited...there's an incentive to participate.  
After the link-up, we'll use a random number generator to select the link-up number of a participant.

The lucky winner will have $50 donated to the cause they featured!
Let me repeat, Lindsay & I will be donating 50 hard-earned dollars to one lucky charity!

Now {pretty please} help us spread the word :)

Flaunt Your Cause


  1. This is a great link up. However I have donated, fundraised for so many causes like a blog vagabond - also the same in my passions. But, I am excited to learn more about both your philanthropic roots and passions.

  2. AHH!
    You & Linds are too wonderful!

    This is a GREAT idea for a link up!
    Now I just have to choose my favorite charity...the difficult part!

    Thank you to both of you for doing this :)


  3. I am just like you--always wishing I had more time to volunteer but usually just giving money instead. With two kids and a job, my schedule gets pretty full. But I'm always wanting to be able to spend time volunteering somewhere. I keep thinking I'll instill that in my kids and once they're older we can volunteer as a family.

  4. Ooooo I LOVE this! Definitely will be chiming in :)

  5. This is such a wonderful idea! You two are always so creative and this time it's for a great cause! Ive also been one of those people that has wanted to volunteer but never gotten around to it. I don't think I've found the right organization yet or something. Maybe this will inspire me to commit to one!

  6. This is so great! Such a wonderful way to help out and inspire others (me) to do the same!
    Oh, and I tagged you in my blog post!

  7. What a great link up idea! I love that the money goes to the cause!

  8. Now you're inspiring me!! I think this is a tremendous way to give back and give exposure to all the great charities out there.

  9. What a great idea. ;) We do more money related giving than time giving because, like you, I'm a commitment phobe. I was a Big Sister for awhile but now we primarily give to the local food bank money and food, money to the cancer society and march of dimes. We also have a womens abuse shelter that I've been sending formula coupons and the free cans that oompanies have sent me to them.

  10. Love this!! I can hardly wait to share with you the organization I have been recently working with :)

  11. I'm so excited about this! I can't wait!!! You girls are seriously so awesome!


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