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18 April 2012

A funny thing happened to me a couple months ago.
My friend, Claire, made an impromptu visit to our apartment.
I welcomed her at the door, showed her inside,
and that's when it happened.
I started apologizing for our apartment.

Now, I'm not talking about "I'm sorry it's messy in here" apologies.
I'm talking thoughts of how can I remind her this isn't our style.
And it hit me: I was embarrassed of our place.

I'm actually really happy with our apartment here, given our options.
You see, Sydney has a massive housing shortage.
Oftentimes people start their housing search months in advance, to secure the best places.

However, we had one week to find an apartment,
a limited budget,
and we needed it furnished.

We searched, and searched, and searched.
Many apartments were too tiny.
Most were far too expensive.
And some were just downright gross.

We saw places with only a mini-fridge,
places with no parking spots for miles,
a place hubby claims was haunted,
a place with moldy blinds,
a place with wicker furniture {indoors},
and a place with a puddle in the middle of the living room.

By the time we found our apartment,
I think hubby would have signed on the dotted line to live under a bridge.
We weren't in love, but the place was the best option we'd found.
It was a 2-bedroom for the same price as many studios we'd looked at.
And although the furniture wasn't our style,
and least it was reasonable quality.
Yup, it would work.

And it has worked.
It's met all of our needs.
But as soon as my friend came over,
I felt like maybe I would be judged by our furniture,
and our artwork, and other decorations.

Because I think we learn a lot about a person
from the way they decorate their home.
And I certainly don't want to be judged based on this place.

But, for the sake of memories and laughs,
tomorrow, lovely friends, you're getting a tour of our place!
In the meantime, I'll leave you with sneak peek.


  1. I think it is very special that Jeff was able to bring his bear collection with him. It was a little weird when he brought them to d(b)eer camp though. Hey, to each his own.

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  4. What a teaser, I can't wait to see more!! X

  5. I know what you mean! I feel judged when people come over too-and I'm constantly second guessing my design choices. But, I need to embrace my style and be happy with what we have, even if our furniture, etc. isn't perfect, it works and we're blessed to have it!

    Can't wait to see your place, and no worries, I have a 100% no judgement policy! I do love the bear collection :)

  6. Tehehe what you think the gray, flowery curtain, shiny shell lamp, and scary dolls aren't totally your style? I don't believe it =P

  7. Emily. I think this beats our fully furnished apartment! Wow. Go Aussies!

  8. Say whaaa? That shimmery-looking valance, those curtains, and that patterned chair are SO YOU? No? Wow. Fooled me.

    I love you, BBFF! I've completely fallen off the face of the blogosphere this week! But I miss tweeting you like crazy!

  9. I am always apologizing for our floral curtains- they're awful, but came with the house. I think I'd have a hard time with a furnished place, more for style than for used-ness, I don't usually mind that. That said- I'm pretty sure you took pictures of my grandma's old living room, for real!

  10. this is cracking me up! the curtains are the best!

    i do this too, though, all the time....mostly when i haven't had the time to give it a thorough cleaning but most recently we've had some contractors over to give us estimates for putting up a railing on a staircase and i have said to every single one of them "well, i think we should go with white, just because it fits the style of the house the way it is....i mean, if i had done the house, it would be a different style, but we bought it this way so we might as well leave it...."


    can't wait to see the rest!

  11. Hi Emily! Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for a special blogger award! Go check it out on my blog :)

  12. What are you embarrassed about? I wish I had a teddy bear collection in my living room ;)

  13. O my word, I cant wait for tomorrow. This just made me giggle. And then this convo happened:

    Kev: whats so funny?
    me: emily's furnished apartment.
    Kev: Who is Emily?
    me: my blog friend
    Kev: so weird.



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