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The Friend Jackpot

12 April 2012

After two posts about Easter camping, here and here, you thought I'd be done talking about it right?   Wrong!

While the island was certainly beautiful, and the camping setup was pretty p.i.m.p., let's face it, what really makes {or breaks} a vacation is the people.  And in this category?  We hit the jackpot.

For the newer readers, you may need to rewind and check out this post about the work that my husband is doing.  Basically, he is in cahoots with an inventor from Australia to take over the world {and/or launch two awesome products.}  Said inventor is named Jon.  And Jon is the reason we went camping over the Easter holiday. 

Although we thought it would be a nice opportunity to see more of Oz, our main goal of the trip was for hubby & Jon to spend some more time together {outside of work.}  Jon lives in a different state, so he & hubby have only met face-to-face a couple of times.  And despite 'Jon' being a household name around our place, I'd never met him. 

Our badass camp setup was thanks to inventor Jon...and we shared a campsite with him, his wife, and their 3 kids.  There were also about 5 other families with us--all there to celebrate the 40th birthday of Jon's best friend.  We had a blast!  Everyone was so fun and interesting.  There was definitely some drinking and storytelling around the campfire into the wee hours of the morning. 

Total success!

And since pictures always seem to tell the story the best, see for yourself.

The cake for Mik's 40th. Made by one of his daughters.
I'm no wino, but from what I understand,
we were drinking $300/bottle camping wine

And on the topic of awesome people, can I share something that totally made my week?  I got to video skype with my blogger BFF, Lindsay!  I had a weird dream about her while I was camping, and I then creeped her out by saying it was similar to the movie I had to hop on Skype to properly explain {and convince myself that she's not creepy-Linz from my dream.}  Good new folks--she is, in fact, just as awesome on a video call, if not more so, than she is on her blog.  So yeah...I'm blog crushin'.


And, lastly, you might notice a few changes on le blog.  Most noticeably, I added a picture with an 'About Me' blurb to the top of my sidebar.  Many new readers have discovered my blog lately {yay! and hello!}, and several have commented on a post with something to the effect of "Wait?! You're in Australia?!?"  This tells me two things: 1) y'all don't like clicking on About pages, and 2) I need to bombard you with posts about Australia even more frequently.  Okay, just kidding on the last one.  Not sure if that's humanly possible.  So instead I posted the fancy picture & words!

Additionally, I'm going to try a new route with ad swapping and sponsorship starting May 1st.  My goal in making the change is to help those of you who swap with me to get more out of it.  I'll be limiting the number of sponsor slots {which equals greater exposure for each ad} and ads will automatically rotate placement each time the page is viewed.  You can check out my Sponsor page for the complete details.

Happy Thursday, friends!


  1. I would never get tired of posting about something as wonderful as your camp! And your tent is amazing, it looks like a mini house. haha


  2. $300 camping wine..NBD.

    All of your camping photos make me want to jump on another plan and jet set to Australia to camp for a weekend. Minus the wasp killing spiders - I think it looks dreamy. Especially that amazing group of friends.

  3. So that first picture totally looks like you're side-eyeing Jon hahaha just sayin'. And Jeff in those glow stick goggles HA I'm still laughing from when I saw it on FB. Too good! Also, I want to sponsor you!! X

  4. Yeah....I'm blog crushin' too!!


  5. this looks like an absolutely fantastic camping trip! Can't imagine a nicer time. We were up at our cottage for Easter weekend and it was delightful! :)

    Recently found your blog and enjoying getting to know you :)

  6. Wow, what an awesome camping trip! Looks like it was a perfect weekend :) I like your new photo, very fun!

  7. 1-AWESOME camping trip.
    2-Love Lindsay
    3-I've never seen Catfish so I guess we can't be friends ;)

  8. Beaching in Australia seems so much cooler than beaching in Dominica! Y'all are high class. {$300 wine?}

    I'm excited for your new sponsor program! I want to hear about how it goes :)

  9. Our Skype date made my week! So exciting! And I must say... I'm looking mighty fine in that picture! *cough* Love you!

    And $300 camping wine? WTF, mate!

  10. WOW... I haven't been camping in YEARS!! And each time you post about Easter weekend, and I see more camping pics, I am sooooo anxious to get out in the woods at this moment and pitch a tent!!

    Ohhhh the things I look forward to after school is doneZOOO!

    P.S. I'm typing up Tuesday Travels with my trip to Samoa (if you're still interested of course)... and looking to get it to you either tonight or tomorrow :) I'm so sorry... data analysis is at it's prime in my life and it's not a fave of mine :(

  11. That camping setup is INCREDIBLE- something like that might actually re-kindle my childhood love of camping, and help erase the memories of lumpy ground, freezing nights, and rolling into the tent wall only to wake up soaked from dew coming through! Also- jealous of your Skype with Lindsay, she's fantastic!!

  12. A)It seems as if we are both doing the same thing at the moment as I just got your comment via email!
    B)That camping trip has looked so amazing.
    C)Um. I can't even fathom what $300wine tastes like. I'm guessing my buds wouldn't know the difference though.
    D)I think I've convinced my hubs to travel to Australia when he gets back from deployment & we get to travel for a month. If so, I will be harassing you for ideas. Don't worry, it's about 9-10 months away so you can mental prepare for my nagging ;-)

    It looks like you're taking advantage of your time left in Australia and I'm thoroughly enjoying reading all about it!

  13. *mentally
    ...I need to proofread before I submit, instead of after.

  14. What does $300 wine taste like? I drink too much of it too afford those kind of things :) Love the new pic and blurb!


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