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Easter Camping, Part II

11 April 2012

Hooray for cooperative technology, today!
If you missed 'Part I', start here.

After our 14km trek down the sandy "freeway,"
we arrived at our campsite.

Although we'd only arrived several hours after the rest of our party,
I was pleasantly surprised to find that the entire campsite was already setup.
You see, that's my biggest pet peeve about camping!
I feel like you spend more time packing, setting up, tearing down, and unpacking
than you do actually enjoying the vacation.

Needless to say, the trip was off to a good start.
I had yet to explore the bathroom & shower capabilities,
which we know are crucial to the happiness of female campers.

Upon further inspection,
and since inquiring minds want to know
{side eye Megan}
I inspected and photographed the bathroom facilities.

Does anyone remember the dessert from Outback Steakhouse
called The Chocolate Thunder from Down Under?
Well, I do.
And it was code word when I was growing up for doing your business.
Or when our cat would go down to the basement to use his litter box.
So yeah....I saw Jimmy's Thunder Box...and I died.

We also had a hot water shower!
So Lesson #1: camp with Australians. They have their shit together.
We had solar panels, a generator, a full gas stove,
a fridge & freezer, and a little kitchenette area.
Each family had their own 'dunny' and shower setup.
I was impressed!

And the island?  It didn't disappoint.

Huge lizards called goanas
The wasp (orange) killed the spider and was dragging it back to it's nest to feed the baby wasps.  Crazy!
Shrimp on the Barbie
{okay, not quite, but shrimp heads on the paper doesn't have the same ring.}

So what do you think?
Are you ready to come visit Australia?


  1. OMG! This is so great! I really want to go camping too! The shower and bathroom is awesome! :D


  2. This is great! Totally not worth stressing over, looks pretty darn together. I'm going to take credit for ALL Australians here and say why yes, we do indeed have our shit together!

    I'm glad you enjoyed your trip :) x

  3. Um, YES! I want to go to Australia.(No, I don't want to pee in a box:)

    By the way... I nominated you for an award!!! Hurraaay!

  4. Em, I'm not going to lie. I was totally on-board with this whole thing, because camping is fun! And that view? Gorgeous!

    But that think you call a lizard? That looks like a baby gator! Which makes me think of reptiles. Which makes me think of snakes. And we all know how I feel about snakes. *cringe*

    I love this post, because it's about real life and not trends that are unattainable unless you're filthy rich.

    And those Aussies do that their shit together! I'm never had camping THAT good before!

  5. Two things:

    1. I really want to go camping there- it looks BEAUTIFUL! So glad yu had so much fun!


    2. I will NEVER be able to eat that dessert from Outback ever again hahaha


  6. Excuse me but did you say that WASP killed that SPIDER? I think I just about fainted. Camping in Australia is crazy. I am so into this post. That shower?! Amazeballs.

  7. So as much as I'm not a camper (Motel 6 = camping for me), those views have just about convinced me I would be willing to do it.
    Minus the gross creatures.

    (Do I sound like a stupid girl right now?)

  8. what an amazing camping site! The view! THAT SHOWER! awesome.

  9. Forget visiting!! I'm moving in!!!!

    You did say you have room for four, right???

  10. Okay, that set up is amazing! The hot shower thing? I need to get me one of those! SO COOl. Looks like it was a blast!

  11. I have never seen such amazing camping. A HOT water shower? Impressive...where can I get one? Haha. Beautiful pictures!

  12. Wow this looks amazing! I think it's the fanciest campsite I've ever seen!

  13. AHHH!! you could have warned me there would be fish in this post! I had to quickly scroll past those suckers.

    And wow, that is some high-class camping. The beach is just gorgeous too! Most of our beaches are brown sand (volcanic). The white sand is just so much prettier!

    Glad you had fun!

  14. So totally not a camper, but would love to go visit and check out that gorgeous water for myself! Looks lie a pretty civilized camp too, great choice on friends to camp with.

  15. was the toilet box visible to outside view?? or was it like hidden behind that tarp thing?
    did it flush? (stupid question, it obviously did not flush) what do you do with your poo poo? (yes i said poo poo)

    and that golden is GORGEOUS!! i want !

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