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Dear Friday

13 April 2012

Dear Harbour Bridge, do you really need to close for the entire weekend?  I know there are people doing a triathalon...but what about the rest of us?!

Dear TPG, please fix our internet ASAP!  You have no idea how grumpy our household gets without internet access.  Did you know a blogger and an entrepreneur live at this address?  Now maybe you'll understand our sense of urgency :)

Dear Stephen King, I read your book Eye of the Dragon, on the recommendation of my husband {and on the promise that it wouldn't be scary.}  Well, it wasn't scary.  And the story was even kind of cute.  However, you took 392 pages to tell a story that I could accurately depict in full detail in about 10 sentences.  If that weren't disappointing enough, I found at least 15 typos in the book.  Seriously.  Fifteen.  Surely an author of your caliber can afford better editors than that.

Dear brown boots, I love you so much that it almost makes me okay with the cooler weather.  Almost.

Dear Claire, thanks for the laugh.  I died when I saw your UGG boot flapping like a mouth.  The fact that you let me take some video? Even better.

Dear Bloggers, Happy Friday!!!



  1. Happy Friday Friend =)
    and yessss love those boots

  2. That bridge is stunning.

    Typos??? Totally unacceptable! Did they think no one would notice?

    Those boots are smashing!!

    p.s. I totally had a dream last night that I owned one of those stylus pens for my iPhone... LOL!

  3. Well, your little outfit photo is simply wonderful! You are SO my kind of dresser! Love it! You must also know, my BBFF, that I love boots. I love nothing more than dresses, tights, and boots in autumn and winter. #themoreyouknow

    AND... that cartoon of about losing internet is AWESOME! "FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU!" HAHAHAHA!

    And... this whole double BBFF blate idea that you and Jess started discussing via e-mail = A MUST! How awesome would that be?! I'll tell you.


    (Did you notice how I censored myself for your pretty little blog? Yeah, it's because I love you a whole heap.)

  4. I haaate typos in a book. Drives me nuts!

  5. I long for your legs....your legs and your boots.

    The End.

    Happy Wknd :)

  6. LOVE your boots.

    As for the Internet, aren't we in an age where these things shouldn't happen anymore?! Sounds like you'll have to buy some tea in order to steal Starbucks' interwebz.

  7. The bridge is gorgeous! That is too funny that you found 25 typos, ha! Love your boots!

  8. haha that comic is so funny. It reminds me of when the electricity goes out, and I keep trying to turn on lights and stuff. argh!

  9. Totally commiserate about the internet outage. Ours has been out three times this week, and is out right now. But I live in a third world country.. you definitely don't!

  10. Ohh loving those boots!
    So cute! Too bad it's cold enough for me to wear boots for maybe a week out of the year! haha...oh well, love my sunshine :)


  11. I can't believe there were typos in the book!

  12. I feel that EXACT same way when our internet shuts down! :) I'm going to miss my boots this summer...they look similar to yours, in fact. You must have excellent taste.
    enjoy the weekend!

  13. Ha, I feel like that about the internet, too. And I LOVE boots! Yours are awesome. Boots are really the only saving grace of cold weather!

  14. I had to install my own T1 to achieve dependable internet. I haven't reached the point where I take it for granted yet. I am still delighted when I jump on and it works. And I can now watch videos like talking uggs without letting them cache up first.

  15. I'm not a big fan of Stephen King at all. I read his book Cell - basically telepathic, trasmitting signal zombies...and the annoying catch phrases he uses, UGH!


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