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Cover the Night

23 April 2012

From the moment I saw the, now infamous, Kony 2012 video,
I knew I wanted to get involved.  
I love campaigns that make it easy and fun for me to help out.
My friend Claire had the same reaction,
so we both signed up to donate $15/month,
which entitled us to a free Action Kit.  

Mine arrived last week, and I was so excited to tear it open
and check out the goodies.

Sadly, the t-shirt is humongous.
But I rocked in nonetheless.

Claire had a plan to 'Cover the Night' in Bondi Beach.
She had a bridge picked out that's visible
to the tens of thousands of cars that drive under it every day.

Before we even got started, a guy walked past us and said,
"Oh, is it Kony night tonight?"
He was excited to see us out volunteering.
It was a good way to start!

From the bridge, we got more creative.

Claire drove the getaway car.

I wish they sent more posters and stickers.
We were having a blast covering Bondi.  

A guy on my Facebook news feed was talking smack about
the Kony "Cover the Night" campaign and how it wasn't going to help.
I guess he missed the memo that the entire point of this part of the activism
was to make Kony a household name.
So by virtue of his Facebook post, the video & event worked.

Clearly the expectation is not to hang posters & then Kony turns himself in.
It's more complex than that and it will take longer to see it through.
But it makes me sad that so many people would rather berate a campaign,
and hope for it's failure,
than raise a single finger to help,
or speak a single word of hope.

In my case, I had no idea who Kony was.
Now, I visualize him and send him light when I'm doing
my prayers for World Peace.
I want him brought to justice...and, more importantly,
I want those children to feel safe in their homes & villages.

I'm so thankful for the opportunity,
to play a very small role,
in a campaign that I hope does very big things.


  1. Your acts of vandalism make me happy :-) I like how passionate you are about the things you believe in. Next time you're out sticking shit up, give us a holla man!

  2. I'm proud of you girls. I will be watching for the signs around West Michigan. I hope I see some.

    I've seen a few Kony signs around where I live, too :)

    Hope you have a fabulous week, love!

  4. YEAH! You covered that shiz, girlfriend! That's awesome!

  5. love to see the movement in action!! they have been sold out of that kit forever and a day.. guess it's a good thing to be sold out!!

    happy Monday friend!

  6. What a great thing to be behind. Plus looks like you had some fun:)

  7. Good for yall, that is awesome! And I dont get hater like that!

  8. Good for you girlfriend!! I love that you vandalized the poop out of that town!

    ...I still need to see that video :/ shame on me.

  9. I love this! It's so fabulous that this video has brought together so many people that wanna help! I love the bracelet they give you! Super cute blog, new follower!


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