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Chanting the Name

28 April 2012

In the unity of a crowd, everyone's voice sounds beautiful.
I cannot explain this phenomenon, and yet I love it.
I love that many of us were not blessed with amazing singing voices,
and yet, when we sing together, the result is always so lovely.

Last night, I went to see the Dave Matthews of chanting music--Krishna Das.
After several years of rocking out to his call-and-response chanting in my car,
and a trip to India that brought his music even closer to my heart,
excitement bubbled inside me at the thought of seeing him live.

His deep, soulful voice captures the name of the Divine,
and delivers it in such a perfect package that one feels the essence
of the Divine presence within--that perfect love, perfect joy, perfect peace.

It was a deeply spiritual experience.
Even as I write that, I imagine my readers thinking of soothing lullabies.
It may come as a surprise that the music is extremely energizing.
The uplifting and powerful energy crashes over you.
You cannot help but sing, clap, dance, smile.

His love and reverence for Jesus came as a pleasant surprise.
I'm so thankful for the message of unity delivered by the great ones.

I snuck a few blurry, no flash photos
people dancing :)
Prue & Vicki with KD
I gave myself a wandering eye using "red eye reduction." Bahaha.
blissed out after the show

Thank you, Krishna Das, for sharing your gift.
Any other chanting fans out there?


  1. I love Krishna Das!!1 My yoga instructor uses his music alot in class...especially at the end when we are resting, or for meditation. How exciting that you were able to see him live!! YAY!! Thanks for sharing your pics!

  2. I've never heard of anything like this. It sounds cool! Cute outfit, too.

  3. Love, Love, Love!

    I didn't see your contact info. I wanted to send you an email. ♥

  4. love dave matthews! looks like so much fun! :0) and your sunday quote is fantastic xo

  5. Look at you and Krishna Das! So awesome! I'll admit that I don't KNOW his stuff, but I've heard a lot of it in yoga classes. That's so cool! He was in Houston last fall, but I couldn't make it to the show.

    You look like a beautiful little hottie, by the way! It must be all that bliss. Yeah, bliss will do that to you.


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